4 04 2021


APRIL 4, 2021

Saturday, April 3 HOLY SATURDAY 

6:00 PM             Resurrection Matins / Procession / Easter Divine Liturgy

                           Blessing of Artos – Myrovania – Anointing with Holy Oil

Blessing Easter Foods / Baskets


           11:30 AM             Anointing with Holy Oil – Myrovania

Blessing Easter Foods / Baskets

Monday, April 5 BRIGHT MONDAY

9:00 AM ✞ ✞Mary Ambrose – Jewel Johnstone

Wednesday, April 7 BRIGHT WEDNESDAY

9:00 AM          God’s blessings for Matthew Poullard, requested by Gary and 

                                                                                                Jacinta Poullard

Saturday, April 10 BRIGHT SATURDAY

4:00 PM ✞ Eugene Slabinski – Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ropietski. 

                                       Distribution of Artos and Anointing of Holy Oil

Sunday, April 11        SUNDAY OF ST. THOMAS

8:30 AM           God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners

              Distribution of Artos and Anointing of Holy Oil

The Easter Lily

Who doesn’t love to have the nice white lily as part of the Easter gift?

In fact, the lovely white trumpet lily has been enjoying a great favor in being included

as a principal item for church decoration for quite some time. A Lily is the perfect gift of nature to beautify our Easter. Isn’t it?
But its acceptance in America, as such, dates back around the 1800s. It came in with the rise in the Easter observances by the Protestants in America. And, strange, it took some more time to find a widespread acceptance. For, the early Americans those days were not used to seeing a lily waiting to be picked up for the Easter decor. The Native American lilies, for example, the garden or, Madonna lily, bloom in the early summer. Though it could be forced to bloom earlier using the hothouse conditions, the hassles associated did not allow it to be accepted widely. And custom did not find a widespread growth until a lily was imported.
In the 1880s, while in Bermuda, Ms Thomas P Sargent became familiar with a beautiful lily that blooms naturally in springtime. She just fell for this lovely white ‘Bermuda’ lily. She brought its bulbs in back home in Philadelphia. There, a nurseryman called William Harris, fostered its popularity among other florists.

Following this it did not take long for the flower to win the hearts of million to be the main flower of the Easter floral arrangements.

Easter Is The Gift…Easter is the gift of HOPE
Easter is the gift of PEACE
Easter is the gift of LOVE
Let us rejoice in Him,
Who gives them all.
May God bless you at Easter,
And keep you all year through.
May God give you all the faith it takes,
To make your dreams come true.
May His love and wisdom always help,
To guide you on your way.
May His light shine down upon you now,
To bless your Easter Day.

  Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled 

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
Let not your soul be sad
Easter is a time of joy
When all hearts should be glad,
Glad to know that Jesus Christ
Made it possible for men
To have their sins forgiven
And, like Him, to live again . . .
So at this joyous season
May the wondrous Easter Story
Renew our Faith so we may be
Partakers of “His Glory!”


If we could just Lift up our hearts
Like flowers to the sun
And trust
His Easter promise And pray,
“Thy will be done,”
We’d find the peace
We’re seeking,
The kind no man can give-
The peace that comes
From knowing
He died
So we might Live!

During the season of the Pentecost, which extends from the Pasch (Easter) to the Descent of the Holy Spirit, as a sign of the joy of the Resurrection we do not make any bows, nor do we kneel. The Council of Nicea (325) gave us the following rules regarding this matter: “Since there are some who kneel on the day of Lord and during the season of the Pentecost, for the sake of uniformity in all eparchies, the council decrees that during that time prayers be offered up to God while standing”.

May the special blessings of this joyful Easter

Fill your heart with gladness

An Easter Prayer

Of all of God’s gifts
Easter shows us our fate
Forgiven we will rise
And pass through Heaven’s gate

This Easter remember
The sacrifice of a Son
And through His resurrection
Eternal life we have won

This Easter I pray
That the love of God
Is resurrected
Reborn, renewed
Inside your heart
God Bless You



The resurrection of Christ is incontrovertible proof of his divinity. The resurrection of Christ is the foundation of our faith.  What meaning would Christ’s teachings have had if the resurrection, which he had so frequently predicted, had not taken place. The Resurrection of Christ is the sure pledge of our own resurrection to a happy everlasting life. Just as Christ rose, so too shall we rise one day to a new and glorious eternal life. Christ Himself assured us of this when He said: “The hour is coming in which all who are in their graves shall hear the voice of the Son of God. And they who have done good shall come forth unto resurrection of life; but they who have done evil unto resurrection of judgment…For this is the will of the Father who sent me, that whoever beholds the Son and believes in Him, shall have everlasting life, and I will raise Him up on the last day.  

The resurrection celebrations begin with a procession around the church, accompanied by the ringing of the church bells. This procession is the symbol of the myrrh-bearing women who went to the grave of the Lord.

After the procession, the Matins of the Resurrection begins before the closed doors of the church, as though before the sealed tomb of our Lord. Here for the first time we hear the joyful hymn: “Christ is risen from the dead…” As the hymn is being sung, the priest opens the doors of the church with the cross, as a sign that Christ’s death opened the gates of heaven. 

The Easter Salutation: “Christ is risen!” was spoken for the first time by the angel to the women at the Lord’s tomb. This joyful greeting has already, for hundreds and hundreds of years, echoed among our people throughout the entire Paschal season. By this salutation we express the joy of Easter (The Resurrection) and profess our faith both in Christ’s resurrection and our own.

On the day of the Resurrection the Divine Liturgy is carried out with great solemnity. The reading of the Gospel in different languages signified that the doctrine of Christ is proclaimed in all languages and to all peoples. After each sentence of the Gospel, the church bells are rung to symbolize that the good news of Christ is being proclaimed to all creatures. 

The Artos (Greek word which means bread) is the symbol of the bread of everlasting life – our Lord Jesus Christ. Placed on the top of the Artos an icon is tied representing Christ coming forth in glory with a flag of victory in his hand, from the grave. The Artos is blessed and placed on the tetrapod for the people to kiss as a reminder of Christ’s presence among them. It remains throughout the entire Bright Week until Bright Saturday when it is cut up into pieces and distributed to the faithful.


30 03 2021

MARCH 28, 2021

Saturday, March 27 –  4:00 PM – Blessing of Palms & Willow Branches  

Myrovania – Anointing with Holy Oil 

God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners

Sunday, March 28 – 8:30 AM –  PALM SUNDAY 

    Myrovania – Anointing with Holy Oil

                                                   Helen Youells – Vera Hubick 

Tuesday, March 30 – 4:00 PM – Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts – Confessions

Wednesday, March 31 – 6:30- Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts – NANTICOKE


Thursday, April 1 HOLY THURSDAY

 3:00 PM Matins of the Passion of Our Lord 

Reading of the 12 Passion Gospels

Friday, April 2 Good Friday 

 1:00 PM Vespers – Procession – Entombment of Jesus Christ

Saturday, April 3 HOLY SATURDAY 

6:00 PM             Resurrection Matins / Procession / Easter Divine Liturgy

                           Blessing of Artos – Myrovania – Anointing with Holy Oil

Blessing Easter Foods / Baskets


           11:30 AM             Anointing with Holy Oil – Myrovania

Blessing Easter Foods / Baskets

Transfiguration of Our Lord

Holy Thursday – 6:30PM – Good Friday – 5:30PM – Easter Sunday – 7:00 AM – Resurrection Matins, Divine Liturgy


Saturday before Palm Sunday

Jesus Christ wrought many miracles during His lifetime abut none was so rich in its effects as the resurrection of Lazarus.

This miracle marks the apex of Christ’s self-revelation.  The magnitude of this miracle and the publicity attending it were the immediate causes of Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

May this great and wonderful miracle of the resurrection of Lazarus strengthen also our faith in the divinity of Christ and in our own personal resurrection. That same Christ, who raised the four-day Lazarus from the dead, in His own time, will raise us also to a life of eternal happiness. He Himself assured us of this when He said: “I am the Resurrection and Life. Whoever believes in me, even though he dies, shall live!”


The festival of the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem is one of the oldest feast days in the Eastern Church.  In our liturgical books this day is called, “Sunday of the Palms”, “Flower or Blossom Sunday”, “Flower or Blossom-bearing Sunday”. Our people call this Sunday the “Sunday of Pussy-Willows or Willow Sunday. All these names are associated with the custom of blessing and distributing palm on that day in church. Because no palm or olive trees grow in our country, we have a venerable custom of using willow branches, a tree that is the first to blossom in the spring.

The spiritual meaning of Palm Sunday

 The Jews wanted to see their messiah in power and glory.  According, Jesus Christ, by raising Lazarus from the dead and by His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, gave them clear proof of His power and glory. When He entered Jerusalem, all the city was thrown into commotion saying: “Who is this?” But the crowds kept on saying: “This is Jesus the prophet from Nazareth of Galilee.’”  

The honor given to Christ lasted for only a brief moment, for His betrayal by Judas, His rejection by the people, His condemnation by the Jewish leaders, His passion, the way of the cross and crucifixion followed in quick succession. These very same people who, on Sunday cried out, “Hosanna”, within a few days would be crying out: “Crucify Him.”

Palm Sunday teaches us the instability of worldly glory and the vanity of earthly happiness. Joy and sadness here on earth are two inseparable sisters. Therefore, if we wish one day to have a share in the triumph of Christ in heaven, we must first undergo a Passion Week and a Golgotha with Him here on earth. Only then, will we be able, like Him, to enter into everlasting triumph, joy and resurrection.

Blessing of Pussy Willows and Palms

The blessing of pussy willows and palms comes during the matins (morning prayer), the proper time for blessing of the pussy willows and palms if there is no matins is at the beginning of the Divine Liturgy so that the people may hold them during the entrance of our Blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ during the Small and Great Entrances and during the reading of the Gospel, The Good News of Jesus Christ!





MARCH 28, 2021



The sixth Sunday of Lent is called Palm Sunday because it commemorates the triumphal entry of Our Lord Jesus into Jerusalem. The people having assembled in Jerusalem for the Pasch and went out to meet Jesus, greeting Him with palms.


21 03 2021


MARCH 21, 2021


             4:00 PM God’s Blessings, Health and Salvation for all Parishioners



8:30 AM Michael Hubiack – Wife Louise Hubiack

  Wednesday, March 24

      4:00 PM Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts 

    Thursday, March 25 Annunciation of the Theotokos

9:00 AM God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners Anointing with Holy Oil – Myrovania

   Saturday, March 27 PALM SUNDAY

Blessing of Palms & Willow Branches

  4:00 PM Myrovania – Anointing with Holy Oil God’s Blessings, Health and Salvation for all Parishioners

Sunday, March 28 PALM SUNDAY

Blessing of Palms & Willow Branches, blessing with Holy Oil

      8:30 AM Helen Youells – Vera Hubick

St. Mary of EgypT

On the Fifth Sunday of Lent we remember St. Mary of Egypt, the repentant harlot.  Mary tells us, first of all, that no amount of sin can keep a person from God if the sinner truly repents.  In addition, St. Mary tells us that it is never too late, either in life to repent.  Christ will gladly receive all who come to Him, even at the last minute of their lives.  However, their coming must be in sincere repentance.


This feast was established to commemorate the election of the Blessed Virgin Mary to bear the Only Begotten Son, the second Person of the Blessed Trinity. Mary consented freely to the proposal of the Angel who brought her the happy news in the name of the Blessed Trinity.

        The Christians should rejoice at the Incarnation of the Divine Word and the elevation of Mary to Theotokos (Birth-Giver of God), which raises her above the highest rank of the Angels.

 The Feast of the Annunciation 

was introduced in the early times of Christianity.

                                “Behold the handmade of the Lord! 

                                       Let it be done unto me according to Thy word!”

Faith is not a storm cellar to which we can flee for refuge

from the storms of life.

It is instead an inner force that gives us the strength

to face those storms with serenity.


21 03 2021

John Climacus, Venerable 

MARCH 14, 2021

Saturday, March 13

4:00 PM  God’s blessings for Lorene Wozniak from Ulana Campbell

Sunday, March 14 


God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners

Wednesday, Mar. 17

           4:00 PM   Liturgy of the Presanctified Gift

Saturday, Mar. 20  

4:00 PM   God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners                            

Sunday, Mar. 21            FIFTH SUNDAY OF THE GREAT FAST


           8:30 AM            ✞Michael Hubiack – Wife Louise Hubiack  


The Fourth Sunday of Lent is dedicated to St. John Climacus (St. John of the Ladder), the author of the work: The Ladder of Divine Ascent.  St. John was an abbot at St. Catherine’s Monastery on Mount Sinai in the sixth century.  His work encourages the faithful to persevere in their efforts; for, according to the Lord, only “he who endures to the end will be saved;” (Matthew 24:13).

Click to access TheLadderofDivineAscent.pdf

A Crown of Thorns

 A crown of thorns, not fit for a king,
A crown of thorns that would cut and sting,
A crown of thorns placed on Jesus’ head.
“Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” the mockers said.
A crown of thorns so long and cruel,
Instead of a crown made of gold and jewels,
A crown of thorns worn by Jesus, God’s Son,
He bore the horrible pain for everyone.
A crown of thorns worn to the cross,
A crown of thorns worn for those, who were lost,
A crown of thorns placed on Jesus’ head,
“He truly is God’s Son!” some were heard to have said.
A thorn of thorns is a reminder to all,That we can be saved if on His name we call,
A crown of thorns He wore in my place,
I’ll bow before Him when we meet face to face

Use what talents you possess. The woods would be extremely silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.

 Ukrainian Easter Eggs are beautiful expression of mystery and love. Ukrainian ancestors believed that the Easter Eggs bring good fortune, wealth, health and protection from lightning and fire, possess curative power, a pre-figure of God’s Saving Plan.

The Fourth Sunday of Lent – John Climacus – Venerable

The Church reminds her fasting children that despite their natural weaknesses and passions they can become good Christians and images of the Son of God. She points out the example of St. John Climacus (525-605), the saintly abbot of a monastery on Mount Sinai. He became an “angel” in human flesh through fasting and prayer.  In following his example the faithful will attain a high degree of Christian perfection. 


Lord Jesus,
May I remember the sacrifice You made for me, and the humiliation You endured when Your clothing was torn from Your bleeding body.  Strip me of every earthly possession and sinful way that hinders me from reaching union with You. This world has so many ways of clouding my sense of right and wrong and of making what is really important seem insignificant. Give me the grace I need to live a holy life. Instil in my heart the


21 03 2021


MARCH 7, 2021

Saturday, Mar. 6

           4:00 PM              ✞ Eugene Slabinski – Walter, Debbie, Johnathan & Michael 




8:30 AM            God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners                           

Wednesday, Mar. 10

           4:00 PM       Liturgy of the Presanctified Gift

Saturday, Mar. 13  

4:00 PM   God’s blessings for Lorene Wozniak from Ulana Campbell

Sunday, Mar. 14            FOURTH SUNDAY OF THE GREAT FAST

  John Climacus Venerable

           8:30 AM            God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners                            


Saturday 6:00 PM – Sunday 10:30 AM 


Ever loving God, bring light 

to the darkness of my heart.

Give me right faith, 

certain hope, and perfect love.

God, give me insight and wisdom,

so I might always discern

Your holy and true will. 

St. Francis of Assisi

SOUP & HOAGIE SALE: St. Nicholas Church, Glen Lyon, is sponsoring a sale of Vegetable Soup $7 a quart and either Turkey or Italian Hoagie $7 each. Pick up on March 18, from 11am to 4pm in the church hall. Orders placed by March 14 by calling Debbie at 570 736 6908. Support our local churches. 


The season of the Great Fast is a special time for mortification and penance, both internal and external. Because this spiritual struggle lasts a longer time, it often happens that we begin the first days or weeks of fasting with great zeal and resolution, but then gradually we become physically and spiritually exhausted, weakened and discouraged. Holy Church knowing well the weakened and instability of our human nature, places before our eyes the holy Cross in the middle of the fast – an extraordinarily powerful incentive to motivate us to persevere in our spiritual struggle. 

On the third Sunday, or mid-Lent, holy Church encourages us to venerate the Cross of our Lord in a very special manner, so that we may be strengthened in spirit. This Sunday, therefore, is called the Sunday of the Veneration of the Holy Cross. 

The holy Cross is designed to remind us of God’s infinite love for us, Christ’s suffering for our sake and our obligation to carry our daily cross courageously. Jesus Christ addressed these words to all of us, “If anyone wishes to come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily, and follow me…He who does not carry his cross and follow me cannot be my disciple.” (Luke 9,23 and 14-27).

The services of this Sunday almost make no mention of the Cross as being a symbol of suffering, penance, or humiliation, but rather extol the holy Cross as a symbol of joy, victory and triumph, which are brought to fullness through the glorious Resurrection.

The Sunday of the Veneration of the Holy Cross, indeed, teaches us to understand the great significance the Holy Cross has for us, not only during the Lent, but also throughout our whole life. This Sunday tells us that wherever we find the Cross, there will we find strength, victory, salvation and the pledge of resurrection to eternal life of bliss.


26 02 2021

FEBRUARY 28, 2021

Saturday, February 27

4:00 PM ✞ Fr. Frank Patrylak – The Patrylak Family


8:30 AM God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners

   Wednesday, March 3

4:00 PM Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts  

    Saturday, March 6

4:00 PM ✞ Eugene Slabinski – Walter, Debbie, Johnathan & Michael Boyson



                                          God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners

The Second Sunday of Lent is called “Sunday of the Palsied Man.” Men must repent for their sins, if they want to be forgiven. Christ cannot heal our soul if we do not repent for having offended God by our iniquities. The Church leads us in pious exercises of prayer and fasting because our weakness can be healed by them. 

CHURCH AND CEMETERY GROUNDS: Our grounds keeper, Jeremy, informed the parish that he will not be available to do the church grounds and the cemetery maintenance this year. If you know of any one that does this type of work and would be interested, please notify the office. Estimates are necessary from 3 different companies. 


Today is the Second Sunday of Lent in which we commemorate St. Gregory Palamas the Archbishop of Thessalonika (his regular feast is November 14). He lived in the 14th century, became a monk and eventually the champion of Hesychasm. What is “hesychasm”? It comes from the Greek word hesychia, meaning silence and solitude. The Hesychasts were the monks and nuns who regularly and frequently practiced silence as part of their prayer life. Their practice centered on the Prayer of the Heart and especially the Jesus Prayer. Many of these hesychasts talked about their direct experience of God through seeing His uncreated Light.


26 02 2021

FEBRUARY 21, 2021


4:00 PM ✞ Alex Szumskyj – Ulana Campbell


8:30 AM God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners 

    Wednesday, February 24

4:00 PM Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts 

    Saturday, February 27

4:00 PM ✞ Fr. Frank Patrylak – Patrylak Family

    Sunday, February 28 SECOND SUNDAY OF THE GREAT FAST 

      8:30 AM God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners

As it is not possible to walk without feet or fly without wings, so it is impossible to attain the Kingdom of Heaven without the fulfillment of the commandments.”

St. Theophan the Recluse

The First Sunday of the Great Fast is called the Sunday of Orthodoxy. What do we mean by “orthodoxy”? The word “orthodoxy” is from the Greek word “ortho-doxia”, ‘ortho’ meaning straight and ‘doxia’ meaning belief; hence, straight-belief, or correct-belief.  The orthodoxy that we celebrate this Sunday is truth that we can represent God, the Son of God, Jesus Christ in image, against the heresy of Iconoclasm.  The Sunday of Orthodoxy is a festival for the whole Church, both Eastern and Western. It is the festive celebration of the decisive victory over Iconoclasm which sought to destroy all images of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, whom is God.

Building Fund: The Parish appreciates the donation received in memory of Father Patrylak from Chet and Phyllis Kempinski.      

Signing with the cross – Lord Jesus,

I sign my heart with the sign of the cross, reminding myself of your love for each person.

I ask that I may grow in faithfulness as your friend. 

I sign my lips with the sign of the cross, that I may speak as you would speak.

I sign my hands with the sign of the cross asking that you enable me to do your work,

and be your hands in our world which you love so much

I sign my eyes with the sign of your cross that I may really see, Lord, and be aware of all that is around me.

I sign my ears with the sign of your cross that I may listen and really hear the communication that comes to me in different ways-

from you and from the people you place into my life.

I sign my shoulders, Lord, with your cross, knowing that you call me

to carry my own cross each day and support others in the burdens and

difficulties that they have.

All that I do today I set out to do in the name of the Father (+)

and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

This is the First Sunday of Lent

On this Sunday the Church

exhorts the faithful to purify

the image of their souls by a

true repentance.


21 02 2021

FEBRUARY 14, 2021

Saturday, February 13 

4:00 PM God’s blessings for Gary Poullard – The Poullard family.

Sunday, February 14 SUNDAY OF CHEESEFARE

8:30 AM God’s Blessing and Good Health for all parishioners. 

Wednesday, February 17  

4:00 PM Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts   

Saturday, February 20 

4:00 PM             God’s blessings for Alex Szumskyj – Ulana Campbell


8:30AM God’s Blessing and Good Health for all parishioners


Monday, February 15, 2021 marks the beginning of The Great Fast (Lent). The Great Forty-day Fast is a time when we intensify our prayers and work more to grow spiritually, and work on spiritual excersies through fasting, praying, and almsgiving (acts of charity [corporeal works of mercy]).  Only through proper preparation, serious effort, can we hope to grow spiritually and properly prepare for our Lord’s Passion, Death, and Resurrection and we need the Priest for this.  Do not do this alone!  The first day of The Great Fast and Good Friday are days of strict abstinence for Ukrainian Greek Catholics – we are not to eat any meat or dairy products all day long, and we should strive to limit our consumption of food.  All Wednesdays and Fridays during The Great Fast are days of mandatory abstinence from all meat products.  Our fasting regulations are optional only for persons older than 59 and younger than 7.  Everyone else is obliged to follow the rules of abstinence of our Church.

ALTAR CANDLES – The Altar Candles have burned and will burn during the month of February for all services in memory of Michael Sirak, Olga Uhas & Fred Uhas requested by Michaelene Ostrum

BUILDING FUND: Our thanks for the donations to our Parish Building & Improvement fund in memory of Father Frank Patrylak from: The Lacey Family, Randi & Jeff Neff, Rosalie Bigus, Karen Harper and Joseph & Victoria Dilazzaro. 

The donations are greatly appreciated. 

Forgiveness is a wonderful way to lift yourself up and it is the best way to encourage yourself and others to do better. 

Lord, grant me greater understanding and wisdom so that I can move past my problems into a new day.


Forgiveness of Sins

The forgiveness of sins can be viewed from many different aspects. The spirituality of the West tends to accentuate man’s activity in receiving the sacraments, performing good works and believing in Christ. These are all part of the total response; but Byzantine spirituality has the peculiar emphasis of seeing the forgiveness of sins effected through praise of God in repentance.  Christ’s act of love in His passion and resurrection is a victory over the forces of evil and over sin itself when we turn away from sin. We share in this victory when we acknowledge it and praise the Victor. We actually enter into the Kingdom as we recognize Him, in praise, to be the source of our sanctification, and we participate in His glory and holiness when joyful praise cleanses our hearts while celebrating His victory:

We beg forgiveness for our stumbling, Christ God; because you chose, of your own free will, to ascend upon the cross in the flesh in order to deliver from the enemy’s yoke those you had created. For this reason we cry out to you in thanksgiving: ‘You our Savior have filled all things with joy when you came to save the world.’  (Feast of the Ikon of Christ)

Ss. Basil and Chrysostom, and many other Fathers of the Church, often repeat that one of the effects of praising God is to “forgive sins” “purify the soul,” “bring down the grace of God.” St. Cyril of Jerusalem insists that “by our spiritual hymns our sins are forgiven, and we sanctify ourselves.” St. Basil says “when the day is breaking (his community) sings together with one mouth and one heart the psalm of confession (Ps. 51) to the Lord, each making his own words the words of repentance and thus having his sins forgiven him.” St. John Chrysostom explains, “Psalm 141 has the effect of purifying a soul and forgiving sins.  By stirring up the soul it enkindles a desire for God and a desire to turn away from sin, i.e. repentance. Once the soul has burst into flame and overflows with joy and love, sins are forgiven, go and sin no more. Where there is love, every evil vanishes from the soul. When God is thus remembered, sins are forgiven and evil destroyed.”
Confession, therefore, is not only an acknowledgement of man’s misery and of his need for help, it is a untying from the Devil and his demons, it is also (and perhaps more so) a joyful proclamation of God’s saving goodness; it is an act of worship:

My heart is ready, O God,
My heart is ready!

A day without the Lord – Is a day wasted.

Prayer for the Beginning of Lent

Jesus, beloved friend, you call us to a season 

of growth and repentance.

You have high hopes for us; may we not

disappoint you.

May we see your face ahead of us,

beaming at the end of our Lenten Journey.

Give us strength and energy to run 

toward you during this season. 

Give us integrity and generosity in each

new challenge.

We ask this of You who lives and reign

with God the Father

In the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God,

for ever and ever. Amen.

The Lord said:

“If you forgive men their offences (against you), your heavenly Father will also forgive you (your offences). But if you do not forgive men their transgressions, neither will your heavenly Father forgive you your transgressions (against Him).”


Nothing is as painful, as un-forgiveness to the soul;

A heart that’s torn asunder, with forgiveness becomes whole.

A single kind word spoken means more than countless words;

The three words, “I forgive you,” are all that need be heard.

To a soul that has been wounded, like a healing, cooling balm;

Forgiveness soothes and comforts, Till at last the soul is calm.

For the soul that seeks forgiveness, when forgiveness can’t be found;

It struggles vainly everyday, to hear that simple sound.

The power in those three kind words, can heal a heart that’s broken;

But that heart cannot begin to heal, as long as words remain unspoken.

Compassion in its purest sense, reside in those three words;

The three words, “I forgive you,” Are all that need be heard.

Compassion in its purest sense, reside in those three words;

The three words, “I forgive you,” Are all that need be heard.


3 02 2021

FEBRUARY 7, 2015




FEBRUARY 7, 2015

Saturday, Feb. 7

4:00 PM God’s Blessings for Mary Hoolick – Hoolick Family

Sunday, Feb. 8               SUNDAY OF MEATFARE 

      8:30 AM                  God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners                            

Saturday, Feb. 14

4:00 PM  God’s blessings for Gary Poullard – The Poullard family.

Sunday, Feb. 15          CHEESEFARE SUNDAY 

 8:30 AM God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners


 The Sunday of Meat-fare is also called the Sunday of the Terrible Judgment. In the Gospel today, Christ speaks of the Terrible Judgment, of the reward of the righteous, and the eternal punishment of the wicked. By recalling the manner in which the Terrible Judgment will be carried out, this service is designed to fill us with salutary fear, sorrow for our sins, and to stress the importance of good works, especially works of mercy.

No one shall escape this Judgment. All our deeds will be exposed and rewarded or punished. This is clear from the following stichera, “The books will be opened and the acts of men will be revealed before the unbearable judgment seat; the whole vale of sorrow shall echo with the fearful sound of lamentation, as all the sinners, weeping in vain, are sent by your just judgment to everlasting torment.

Therefore, we beseech you, O compassionate and loving Lord: Spare us who sing your praise, for you alone are rich in mercy.”

“The trumpets shall blow, the graves shall be opened and all mankind shall rise trembling greatly, moaning and shaking, as they are separated from the elect and sent to suffering. Therefore, O Lord of glory, be compassionate toward us and make us worthy to be counted among those who love You.”

Everyone shall appear at the Terrible Judgment where there shall be no respect for persons, as the following hymn of the canon of the Matins service of that Sunday makes clear: “The day is approaching, already at the door is the judgment! O Soul, where kings and princes, the rich and the poor gather, where all people shall be judged and receive according to their deeds.”

What do we mean by “meatfare”?

The week following the Sunday of the Prodigal Son is called Meatfare week and it terminates on the Sunday called Meatfare Sunday . Meatfare Sunday is the last day on which it was still permissible to eat meat before the Great Fast. Meatfare means “farewell to meat.” Hence, the name “meatfare” Sunday. Of course, we are speaking here of the time when the Great Fast was observed in all strictness. 


 Although the Church remembers the souls of the departed faithful in her daily prayers and services, nevertheless, like a good Mother, she still assigns special days in the Liturgical Year on which she commemorates and prays for them. These days are called Souls’ Days or Memorial days. 

All-Souls Saturdays

On Saturday, God rested after He created the world and Jesus Christ rested in the tomb, after having accomplished the salvation of the world; hence, Saturday became the symbol of eternal rest and happiness in God. For this reason, the Church dedicates Saturday to all the souls, who have gone into eternity, but have not yet entered into eternal rest with the Blessed in heaven

    Prayer for the Souls in Purgatory

My Jesus, by the sorrows You suffered in Your agony in the Garden, in Your scourging and crowning with thorns, on the way to Calvary, in Your crucifixion and death, have mercy on the souls in purgatory, and especially on those that are most forsaken; deliver them from the terrible torments they endure; call them and admit them to Your most sweet embrace in paradise. Amen.


25 01 2021

JANUARY 24, 2021

Saturday, Jan. 23                 

             4:00 PM                 God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners

Sunday, Jan. 24                      SUNDAY OF THE PUBLICAN & THE PHARISEE

            8:30 AM         Helen Youells – Louise Hubiack

Saturday, January 30

            4:00 PM                    ✞Robert Bath, Jr. – Joanne Rovinski, Stacy Hart & family.

Sunday, January 31                SUNDAY OF THE PRODIGAL SON

           8:30 AM                      God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners                            

The four Sundays (Sunday of the Pharisee and Publican, 

Sunday of the Prodigal Son, Sunday of Meat-Fare and 

Sunday of Cheese-Fare) form a pre-Lenten period, 

preparing us for the Lenten season 

Faith might not be as precise as logic,

but it is much more comforting.

Khrystos Razhdayetsia – Christ is Born

The Publican and the Pharisee

Before the soldier goes to battle, he undergoes a long period of military training to prepare himself physically and psychologically for combat and to enable him to bear the burdens and inconveniences of military life.

In like manner, holy Church, our good Mother, prepares us, her children, spiritually for the struggles we must undergo before she imposes upon us the strict Great Fast (Forty-Days Fast). This is precisely the aim of the four pre-Lenten Sundays, which begin with the Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee and end with Cheese fare Sunday. In the Church services of those Sunday’s, holy Church places before our eyes several biblical scenes: the proud Pharisee and the humble Publican, the conversion of the Prodigal Son, the scene of the Last Judgment and the expulsion of our First Parents from Paradise. These dramatic scenes have the power to move us to the depths; they reveal God’s mercy and justice, and convince us of the need for conversion and penance for our salvation. Meditation on these events should evoke in us a serious attitude toward fasting; convincing us of its necessity and benefit as it gradually prepares us for the Fast itself.

PIGGIE/HOLUBTSI DINNER: Saints Peter & Paul Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, Wilkes-Barre will hold a take-out Piggie / Holubtsi Dinner on Sunday, January 31st, 2021.  Dinners may be picked up between 12:00 (noon) and 3:00 pm in Our Parish Parking Lot, corner of North River and West Chestnut Streets, Wilkes-Barre.  Dinner includes; Piggies (meat & rice stuffed cabbage), mashed potatoes, vegetable, bread and butter and dessert.  Dinners will be $12.00 for adults and $7.00 for children (12 and under).  Drive-up customers will be welcomed, but reservations are Strongly Encouraged, (570) 829-3051.


Grace is a gift from God that enables us to live more fully in union with Him. It strengthens our desire to choose good over evil. It also helps us to manage difficulties in our lives better. When we feel humility, compassion, forgiveness we’re putting others’ needs before our own. These are signs of God’s graces working within us. 

When we let Him work through us, we help Him to do the same for others. We can show His love for others in how we treat them and in how we pray for them. 

Sympathy: Our sincere sympathy on the news that Father Frank Patrylak was called to his eternal rest on Wednesday January 20, 2021. Details were not available at this time.