11 11 2011

Saturday, Nov. 12    –    4:00 PM         Mary Shebloski – Mr. & Mrs. Norbert Falkowski

Sunday, Nov. 13    –    NO DIVINE LITURGY

The Celebration of His Beatitude, Kyr Sviatoslav Shevchuk visit to the Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Philadelphia.

Wednesday, Nov. 16    –    9:00 AM                      Evelyn Romashko – Cheri Sundra

Friday, Nov. 18    –    9:00 AM                     Rose Sivick – Gary, Barbara & Anthony Witt

Saturday, Nov. 19    –    4:00 PM      Anna Hamuka – Pinaha & Svewczuk Families

Sunday, Nov. 20                     TWENTY THIRD SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST

8:30 AM    –    God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners


SANCTUARY LIGHT: The Sanctuary Light is requested to burn the week of November 12 – 19 by George Pryshlak & Family in memory of all deceased members of the Pryshlak Family.


FLOWERS: Our thanks to Vera Hubick for her donation of flowers this week in memory of her husband Peter Hubick.


COUNCIL MEETINING: The Parish Council will meet Tuesday, November 15th in the church hall. All members are urged to attend.

BUS FOR PHILADELPHIA: The Bus will leave 11:00 AM Transfiguration of Our Lord Church on Sunday, November 13th for those who will be attending the Special Celebration of His Beatitude, Kyr Sviatoslav Shevchuk.


LOTTERY WINNERS: LOTTERY: Winners for the following dates are:

Date                Winner                                    Number           Amount           Seller

11-1                 Kathy Fortune             645                  $50                  Wayne Jones

11-2                 Joanne Beirdziewski   874                  $50                  Donna Winsock

11-3                 Gabe Metric               014                  $50                  Gabe Metric

11-4                 Not Sold                     976

11-5                 Courtney Wychock     804                  $100                Frank Dempsey

11-6                 George Leibman         159                  $50                  Mike Sinko

11-7                 Linda Yarnel               204                  $50                  Bernie Kosek

11-8                 Mike Welebob             459                  $50                  John Ostrum


BUILDING/IMPROVEMENT FUND: Our thanks to Carol Deglmann for her donation made to our church building/improvement fund in memory of Leonard




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