18 04 2012

Saturday, April 14                  Distribution of Artos – Myrovonia Anointing of Holy Oil

4:00 PM                      Steve Kowalick – Mike & Helen Kowalick

Sunday, April 15                   ST. THOMAS SUNDAY

Distribution of Artos – Myrovonia Anointing of Holy Oil

8:30 AM                      God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners

   Wednesday, April 18

9:00 AM                       Mary Valadja – Gene Slabinski


Friday, April 20

9:00 AM                      Elaine Makowski – James & Rania Krenitsky

Saturday, April 21

4:00 PM                      John & Anna Rudeski- John, Annette & Jaclyn Rudeski


Sunday, April 22                 THIRD SUNDAY AFTER EASTER

           8:30 AM                        The Myrrh-bearing women

God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners


THANKS: We would like to thank all who helped in any way to make our Easter Holiday so beautiful. Without your help it could not be done. May the Risen Lord bless you.









Why do we stand, and not kneel, from Easter to Pentecost?

In the tradition of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, it is wrong to kneel at anytime from Easter to Pentecost. Despite the fact that other churches do it or “visitors…are surprised” does not change the fact that kneeling is not proper during this time.

In the Ukrainian Catholic Tradition, the action of kneeling and prostrating is a penitential posture. It is the position of a sinner seeking forgiveness. It is NOT a position of adoration (as it is in the West). This is why it is practiced so often in the Lenten season.

Standing (the proper position of adoration in the East) on the other hand, in the Ukrainian Catholic Tradition, is the position of giving praise and thanks to God in the spirit of joy and happiness. During the Paschal Season (Easter to Pentecost), the time for repentance, and fasting, is over. It is the time of our salvation for “Christ is Risen!” We express our joy, thanksgiving and adoration for this fact and the fact that we who have “…been baptized into Christ and put on Christ” have also risen with Him. It is for this reason that kneeling is improper during this holy season. To kneel during this season is to imply that you do not accept the resurrection of Christ. By standing for all prayer, (even private before and after services) you are demonstrating, in a bodily way, that you believe that “Christ is risen from the dead, and by death He has trampled death and to those in the graves He has granted life.” You are not being irreverent by standing. Remember that kneeling is not a sign of adoration in the eastern Tradition.


SANCTUARY LIGHT:  The Sanctuary Light is requested to burn this week April 14 – 21 by Jule Wido in memory of her husband John Wido.

FLOWERS: Our thanks to Helen Sawka & Family for their bouquet this week in memory of Theodore Sawka.


NEW CENSOR: A new Kadilla (for incensing) has been purchased in the amount of $925 through the generous donations from Mr. Daniel Bilak, Family & Friends in memory of Mary Bilak. Father Roman will bless the Kadilla after the Divine Liturgy Saturday. Many thanks for this wonderful gift.


STAINED GLASS ICON:   Out thanks to Mary Ann & Donna Kachinko for their donation of $1000 toward the Stained Glass Icon of St. Paul in memory of Bernard Kachinko.


BUILDING FUND: Our thanks to Gloria Dran Elston for her donation of $100 to the Church Building Fund in memory of her parents Fred Dran & Mary Sirak Dran.


SVIACHENE: Our Sviachene (Easter Dinner) will be held on Sunday, April 29, 2012 – 2:00 PM in our Church Hall. Tickets are available. The cost is $12 for adults and $5 for children 8 to 12. Children 8 and under is free. Donations of Gift items for the Chinese Auction will be greatly appreciated. Save the date and please try to support your Parish Family function – bring your family and friends. Deadline for tickets is Sunday, April 22nd . This is your parish and once a year you should try to make an effort to be with fellow parishioners and their family and friends. Try to come and enjoy a day of food and fun.


COUNCIL MEETING: Our Parish Council Meeting will be held Thursday, April 19th in the Church Hall at 6:30 PM. Please all members try to attend.


Bus Trip to New York City:Ten seats are still available for the New York Trip. Two buses have been chartered for the LUC sponsored event to St. George Ukrainian Festival, Lower East Side of Manhattan on Saturday, May 19, 2012. Side trips will include the Staten Island Ferry and midtown Manhattan. Cost is $35. Bus will leave this area at St. Vladimir UCC, Edwardsville at 8:30 AM and will depart for home at 9:00 PM Full advance nonrefundable payment reserves a seat. For reservations please call 563-2275.


SVIACHENE:  This year’s annual Easter Dinner at Transfiguration of Our Lord Church – Sviachene – will be held on Sunday, April 22 at 12:30 at the church hall.  Reservations are $10 for adults, $5.00 for students (age 11-18).  Children 10 and under are free, but please make a reservation for them.  There are no tickets this year, but please contact Christine Mash at 239-8863 for reservations.



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