6 09 2012

Saturday,September 8 – 4:00 PM- THE NATIVITY OF THE MOTHER OF GOD
Anointing of Holy Oil – Myrovania
For all the souls in Purgatory

Sunday, September 9 – 8:30AM THE NATIVITY OF THE MOTHER OF GOD
God’s Blessing and Good Health on all parishioners

Thursday, September 13 – 9:00 AM
Anna Kachinko – Ron & Rosemarie Kachinko

Saturday, September 15 – 4:00 PM EXALTATION OF THE HOLY CROSS
Anointing of Holy Oil – Myrovania
God’s Blessings for Godd Health on Nancy Halloway Drake
Halloway Family

Sunday, September 16 – 8:30AM EXALTATION OF THE HOLY CROSS
Anointing of Holy Oil – Myrovania
God’s Blessing and Good Health on all parishioners

RUMMAGE – FLEA MARKET: Items are being collected for the Fall Rummage –Flea Market Sale that will be held October 19 and 20th. If you have items to donate you can bring them to the church on Saturday or Sunday or notify one of the members of the Women’s Society.

SANCTUARY LIGHT: The Sanctuary Light is requested to burn this week Sept. 8 – 15 by George Pryslak and family in memory of John & Anna Klem.

NEW GLASS PANES: New glass panes have been installed in the front of the church. The glass in front of the stained glass Rose Window and over the stained glass of the Transit window over the main doors. Thanks to Anna Bosack’s generous donation that paid for the Rose Window glass and to Dorothy Wujcik for her donation of $200 to help cover the cost of the Transit window that cost $320. The old glass was very discolored and needed replacement.

MEETING: The Women’s Society will convene with their monthly meetings on Tuesday, September 11 – 6:30 PM at the Church Hall. President Anna Magill will preside. All members are encouraged to please attend.

LUC MEETING: North Anthracite Council – League of Ukrainian Catholics will hold a general meeting on Tuesday, September 18, 2012 at St. Vladimir Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, 70 Zerby Avenue, Edwardsville, PA. Members are urged to attend this important meeting to continue planning for the National Convention to be held on October 12th to 14th at the Ramada Inn, Wilkes-Barre. Everyone’s participation is requested! For additional information contact: Dorothy Jamula, President at 822-5354

LOTTERY TICKETS: Mike Sinko announced that a new set of Lottery tickets has been made for the month of November. Please try to do your part in purchasing and trying to sell a few. This is our only fund-raiser that we ask for your donations.



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