12 03 2014

Saturday, March 8
10:00 AM The Holy Rosary (Father and Family)
4:00 PM Divine Liturgy Anna Dempsey – Donna Church

8:30 AM God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners
4:00 PM The Holy Rosary Group 1
6:00 PM Vespers

Monday, March 10
4:00 PM The Holy Rosary Group 1
6:30 PM Stations of the Cross and Sorokosty Service

Tuesday, March 11
4:00 PM The Holy Rosary Group 2
6:30 PM Moleben to Jesus Christ

Wednesday, March 12
11:00 AM Presanctified Divine Liturgy
4:00 PM The Holy Rosary Group 1

Thursday, March 13
4:00 PM The Holy Rosary Group 2
6:30 PM Moleben to Jesus Christ

Friday, Mar. 14
4:00 PM The Holy Rosary Group 1
by Russ Breault

Saturday, Mar.15
10:00 AM The Holy Rosary
The Shroud will be transfered to St. Vladimir UCC Parish in Edwardsville, PA
4:00 PM Divine Liturgy Anna Dempsey – Women’s Society

8:30 AM God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners

PYSANKY LESSONS: SS Cyril and Methodius UCC, Olyphant, PA are offering classes in “HOW TO MAKE PYSANKY”. Dates are March 16, 23 and April 6, 2014. The lessons will be held in the Parish Hal at 1:45 PM, the cost is $15 which includes Egg, wax and stylist/ Contact Lauren Telep for reservations at 570-383-9319.

ST. NICHOLAS BYZANTINE CATHOLIC CHURCH, 140 Church St., Old Forge, Pa. is sponsoring their ANNUAL HAM BINGO at the Church Hall on April 6, 2014. Cost of Admission is $3.00. Doors will open at 11:00am and the game starts at 1:00pm. We will also have food, refreshments and a Bake Sale. Come out and join the fun!


The Wyoming Valley Sunday Lenten Stations of the Cross
March 9 – SS Peter and Paul UCC Wilkes-Barre, PA
March 16 – St. Nicholas UCC Glen Lyon, PA
March 23 – SS Peter & Paul, UCC, Plymouth, PA
March 30 – Transfiguration of Our Lord, Nanticoke, PA
April 4 – St. Vladimir UCC, Edwardsville, PA

Great Lent and the Fast in the Eastern Churches What is Great Lent?
In the Western Church, Lent is name of the season of 40 days before the feast of Easter. However, in the Eastern Church, there are other Lenten periods of penance and fasting throughout the liturgical year. The Eastern Church also observes the Nativity Fast before the feast of the Nativity, the Apostles Fast between Pentecost and the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul, and the Fast of the Theotokos prior to the Feast of the Dormition of Mary. Great Lent is specifically the Lenten period of fasting and penance before the celebration of the Pascha. The word Easter is typically only used in the West; Pascha, from the Greek word for the Hebrew Passover, is the name used in the Eastern Catholic Church for the Easter feast. Great Lent is called ‘Great’ because this Lenten period is longer and more intense than the other Lenten periods and is the most important Lenten season as it is the time for preparing for the most important liturgical feast of the year, Pascha.
Great Lent (Or the Great Forty Days): Great Lent actually begins on Clean Monday, 48 days before the feast of Pascha. The name Clean Monday is alluding to the leaving behind of sinful attitudes or behavior as well as non-fasting foods. Great Lent then continues for the next five Sundays: Triumph of Orthodoxy, Holy Relics and St. Gregory Palamas, Veneration of Holy Cross, Commemoration of our Holy Father John Climacus, and the
Commemoration of our Venerable Mother Mary of Egypt. Unlike in the West, Sundays are included in the 40 days of Lent. Also, in the Eastern Church, Holy Week is not a part of the 40 days but is considered as a separate entity from the rest of Great Lent

Great and Holy Week: Holy Week, also called Great and Holy Week begins with Lazarus Saturday, 8 days before Pascha. It then continues with Palm Sunday (the entry of Christ into Jerusalem), Great and Holy Monday which remembers Joseph of the Old Testament who was sold into slavery, Holy Tuesday (the Parable of the ten virgins), Holy Wednesday, (the anointing of Jesus with myrrh by the woman in the house of Simon the Leper), Great and Holy Thursday (the institution of the Eucharist at the Last Supper), Great and Holy Friday (the Passion of Christ) and the last day before Pascha, Great and Holy Saturday.
Lenten Fasting
In the West, in the Latin Rite Church, there are days of abstinence from meat and days of fasting when only a certain amount of food is to be taken. However in the Eastern Catholic Church, there are different fasting guidelines for different days and seasons.
SANCTUARY LIGHT: The Sanctuary light is requested to burn this week March 8 – 15 by The Dempsey Children in memory of Brother Frank Dempsey and mother Anna Dempsey.

ALTAR CANDLES: The Altar Candles will burn for all services in the month of March in memory of Anna Dempsey requested by the Dempsey children.
Altar Candles are available for requests for the months of May, August and October, 2014. The monthly Altar Candles burns for all services in the month for a donation of $40.

THE SHROUD: Be sure to read the enclosed sheet about the special presentation by Russ Breault, researcher and speaker on the Shroud of Turin, who will deliver the Secrets of the Shroud on Friday, March 14th at 6:00 PM. If you would like to make a good will offering to help defray the cost of bringing the Shroud to our Parish please place your donations in an envelope and place it in the collection basket. Any help in this cause will be greatly appreciated.

FOOD SALE: St. Nicholas UCC, 153 E. Main St., Glen Lyon, PA is sponsoring a Vegetable soup, halushki and bake sale on Friday, March 28, 2014 from 12 noon until 5:00 PM in the Church Hall. The price of the soup & halushki is $5.00 a quart. Orders can be placed by calling Debbie at 570-736-6908 or Karen at 570-735-7682. Please place your orders by March 23, 2014.

PRAYERS: Please remember in your prayers the intention for peace in the Ukraine.



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