10 02 2015

Saturday, Feb. 7
4:00 PM  John & Anna Rudeski – Daughter Ann Marie &
husband Joseph Onderko

8:30 AM God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners

Thursday, Feb. 12
9:00 AM Gloria Suscavage – Paul & Betty Suscavage

Saturday, Feb. 14
4:00 PM Stanley Mytych & Irene Spock – Steve Spock & Rose Mytych

8:30 AM God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners
DIVINE LITURGY REQUESTS: If you have a request for a Divine Liturgy, you will please call Father Popyk at the rectory in Nanticoke.  Father has his book for the listings and the Divine Liturgy can be entered as you call. Thank you.

Meatfare Sunday
What do we mean by “meatfare”?
The week following the Sunday of the Prodigal Son is called Meatfare week and it terminates on the Sunday called Meatfare Sunday . Meatfare Sunday is the last day on which it was still permissible to eat meat before the Great Fast. Meatfare means “farewell to meat.” Hence, the name “meatfare” Sunday. Of course, we are speaking here of the time when the Great Fast was observed in all strictness.


What is meant by “cheesefare”?
Holy Church in gradually preparing us for the fast, permits us to eat meat for the last time on Meatfare Sunday. During Cheesefare week, however, she permits us to eat only dairy products. Just as we bid farewell to meat on Meatfare Sunday, so too we bid farewell to dairy products on Cheesefare Sunday. Hence, the name Cheesefare Sunday. Our people called this week cheese or butter week. This Sunday was the last day for pre-Lenten amusements.
The practice of Cheesefare week and Cheesefare Sunday is very ancient. It was mentioned by Theophilus, the patriarch of Alexandria. However, it is known that even before that time Meatfare week and Meatfare Sunday had already been established. The synaxary of Cheesefare Sunday states that in the opinion of some writers Cheesefare week received the force of law under the Greek Emperor Heraclius. For six years he had carried on war with the Persian King, Chosroes, without success. Finally, he made a promise that if he won the war, he would abstain from eating meat for a whole week before the Great Fast.
On the Saturday before Cheesefare Sunday, in order to provide us with an example and an incentive for fasting and penance, holy Church celebrates the memory of those men and women who from earliest times, devoted their lives to prayer, fasting and penance in monasteries or as hermits in the desert.
The liturgical service of Cheesefare week begins more and more to embody the theme of fasting, especially on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.
February 14th

Let’s Put the Saint back in Valentine’s Day
Saint Valentine did “die of love”, to be sure — but not of the romantic sort! Strange also, considering its enormous popularity, that this saint’s feast no longer appears on the Church’s calendar.
How did the “Saint” disappear from Valentine’s Day? Can we “re-Christianize” the celebration of this popular holiday? Who is Saint Valentine, anyway?
There are at three different Saint Valentines, all of them martyrs, mentioned in the early metrologies for the date of February 14th.
One is described as a priest in Rome, another a bishop (of Interamna, the modern Terni). Both apparently were martyred in the second half of the third century and buried at different places on the Flaminian Way outside of Rome. The third St. Valentine was martyred in Africa with a number of companions. Almost nothing is known about any of these early Christian men — except that they died for the love of Christ!
“Christianizing” Valentine’s Day:
On Saint Valentine’s Day, we Christians have an opportunity for some real “enculturation” — that is, planting seeds of Christ’s truth into the culture in which we live.
When we remember that the heart of Saint Valentine was, like other Christian martyrs, “pierced” by the love of Our Lord, and he shed his blood for this, it seems appropriate that the red heart is a symbol for this powerful love. We think about the power of the deeds of extraordinary courage – even unto death – to bring the truth of faith to others. We are reminded; too, that suffering that often accompanies genuine love.
In our Catholic families, we can focus our thoughts, this day, not only in expressing our love for our friends and families (and yes, sweethearts) by gifts and loving greetings; but also in prayer and meditation on Scripture.
SANTUARY LIGHT: The Sanctuary Light is requested for Feb. 7 -14 No Request.

LUC MEETING: The meeting for The League of Ukrainian Catholics, North Anthracite Council was cancelled last Sunday, February 1st because of the weather. The next meeting will be announced.

MYASOPUSNA 2015: Transfiguration of Our Lord Church Myasopusna (Meat-Fare Sunday) will be held in the church banquet hall (in Nanticoke) this Sunday, February 8th, dinner will be served from 12:30 to 1:30 PM.

PRAYERS: Please remember Anna Magill in your prayers for a speedy recovery of a hip operation. Remember all those in hospitals, nursing facilities and ill at home.

DEANERY STATIONS OF THE CROSS: The Deanery Stations of the Cross schedule will be posted as soon as we receive the schedule. I was told that our church will be scheduled for March 1st. We will be serving the fellowship after the Stations and will need help to prepare and serve and for our good bakers and dessert makers to contribute, if possible, to this cause.



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