1 04 2015

Saturday, March 28 – 4:00 PM – Saturday of Lazarus
Andrew Patrylak – Wife Clara Patrylak
Blessing of Palms & Willow Branches
Myrovania – Anointing of Holy Oil

Sunday, March 29 – 8:30 AM PALM SUNDAY
Entrance of our lord into Jerusalem
Blessing of Palms & Willow Branches
Myrovania – Anointing of Holy Oil
God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners

Wednesday, April 1 9:30 AM Presanctified Divine Liturgy. Confessions

Thursday, April 2 HOLY THURSDAY
4:00 PM Matins of the Passion of Our Lord
Reading of the 12 Passion Gospels
Friday, April 3 Good Friday
3:00 PM Vespers – Procession – Entombment of Jesus Christ Confessions
Saturday, April 4 HOLY SATURDAY
1:00 PM Blessing of Easter Food Baskets
7:00 PM Service at the Grave, Resurrection Matins / Easter Divine
Liturgy – Blessing of Artos – Myrovania – Anointing of Holy Oil

Bright Monday – April 6 – 4:30 PM – Divine Liturgy – Myrovania

Transfiguration of Our Lord Holy Week & Easter schedule
Palm Sunday, March 29 – at 10.30AM Divine Liturgy. Blessing of Willows.
Holy Monday, March 30 – 9:30AM The Presanctified Divine Liturgy. Confessions.
Holy Tuesday, March 31 – 9:30AM The Presanctified Divine Liturgy. Confessions.
Holy Thursday, April 2 – 6:30PM Matins of the Holy and saving Passion of our Lord. Confessions.
Passion Friday, April 3 – 5:30PM Vespers with the Placement of the Holy Shroud. Confessions.
Holy Saturday, April 4 – 3:00PM Blessing of Paschal Food (in parish hall).
Resurrection of our Lord – Pascha, April 5
7:30 AM Service at the Grave, Resurrection Matins, Divine Liturgy,
Blessing of Artos, Myrovania.
Bright Monday, April 6 – 6:00PM Divine Liturgy, Myrovania.
Bright Tuesday, April 7 – 9:00AM Divine Liturgy, Myrovania.

SANCTUARY LIGHT: The Sanctuary Light is requested to burn this week March 28 – April 4 by the Halloway Family in memory of Michael Halloway.

HOLY WEEK – Please remember that help is needed to participate in the Holy Week services. Holy Thursday, 4:00 PM, Good Friday, 3:00 PM and Resurrection Services Holy Saturday, 7:00 PM. Help will be needed to set up the grave after the Holy Thursday evening services. Try to lend a helping hand. Sign up sheet is in the vestibule for Adoration. Time to spend with God. Give an hour of your time for HIM.

Appreciation: We thank all who brought the Willow branches and all who helped tie the Palm & Branches. Your help is always appreciated. God’s blessing to all.

LOTTERY TICKETS: The Lottery tickets are available for the month of May. Try you luck and purchase a few. This is a good fund-raiser for the Church.

SVIACHENE: Our Sviachene (Easter Dinner) is being
held on Sunday, April 19, 2015 in our Church Hall at
2:00 PM. Tickets are available. The cost is $15 for adults and
$8 for children, under 12, free. If you are planning to attend
please purchase your tickets early.
This is a very nice affair to have our Parish Family come
together and share with the Easter blessings and good foods.
A Chinese Auction will be available. Donations of gift items
will be greatly appreciated.
Save the date to attend this Church function – bring your family and friends.



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