31 08 2015

Saturday, Aug. 22 – 4:00 PM ✞Elizabeth Ruddy – LUC North Anthracite Council

God’s Blessing and Good Health on all parishioners

Thursday, August 27 – 9:00 AM ✞David Trimmel – wife Irene Qurion

Saturday, August 29– 4:00 PM BEHEADING OF ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST
Anointing of Holy Oil – Myrovania
God’s Blessings for good health for
Father Popyk’s Parents Nicolas & Paraska Popyk

God’s Blessing and Good Health on all parishioners
Observance of Sunday in Apostolic
Sunday should not be considered as merely a substitute for the Old Testament Sabbath. As a creation of Christianity it is filled with a profoundly Christian meaning. This is evident in the great variety of names given to it. What was the meaning of Sunday to the Apostles and the first Christians?
Sunday – The First Day – The last day of the week, Saturday, was sacred to the Jews. It was the symbol of God’s rest after creating the world. Whereas the first day of the week was sacred to the Christians, for it was the symbol of the new creation begun in the Resurrection of Christ. As Eusebius of Alexandria says: “It was on this day that the Lord began the first-fruits of the creation of the world, and on the same day He gave to the world the first-fruit of the Resurrection.”
Sunday – Sun Day or Day of the Sun – The Ancient Romans, following the Egyptians, called Sunday the “Day of the Sun”, from which comes the English name, “Sunday”. To the early Fathers of the Church this name had a profound meaning, for they considered the sun as the symbol of Jesus Christ: St. Justin the Martyr says: “We come together on the day of the sun on which God, changing darkness and matter created the world, and on which Jesus Christ our Savior arose from the dead.” Eusebius of Caesarea similarly remarks: “It was on this day that at the time of creation when God said, “Let there be light’, there was light; and on this day also arose the Sun of Justice on our souls.”
Sunday – The Day of the Lord or The Lord’s Day – This name which appears for the first time in the Book of Revelation of St. John (1,10), and was quickly taken up by Christians, and in time replaced the name “day of the sun”. The “Day of the Lord” refers to Christ, who through His Resurrection on Sunday became the Lord.
The Observance of Sunday – The observance or celebration of Sunday from the very beginning was one of joy and festivity, for every Sunday reminded the first Christians of the joyous event of Christ’s Resurrection. For this reason all signs of penance and sorrow such as kneeling and fasting were set aside. Two things characterize the Christian’ observance of Sunday, namely, assistance at the Divine Liturgy and abstinence or rest from strenuous physical work
SANCTUARY LIGHT: The Sanctuary Light is requested to burn this week Aug. 22 – 29 for God’s blessings for good heath for Mary Pinaha requested by Ann Beshada.

FLOWERS: A new chart for the intention of bouquets of flowers is available. A bouquet in memory of a loved one, in honor of family or friends or special intentions is always such a beautiful gesture to remember them by. The bouquets start a $30 and may be any amount after that.

PRAYERS: Please remember in your prayers all the sick of the parish, their families and friends, those in nursing homes, hospitals and at home.

LUC MEETING: The vibrant North Anthracite Council of the League of Ukrainian Catholics met on Sunday, August 16, 2015 at SS. Cyril and Methodius Church of Berwick PA. Following Moleben to Our Blessed Mother, the group met at the nearby residence of Tim and Janina Everett for its general meeting and annual picnic. We were honored to have as our guests Ms. Marion Hrubec, LUC National President and Ms. Helen Fedoriw, National Vice President. Both reported on the upcoming Convention and the formation of new chapters as well as the growth in memberships.
To quote Ms. Hrubec: “If you want some Vibrancy, join the LUC!”
HOAGIE SALE: St. Nicholas UCC, 153 E. Main St., Glen Lyon, PA is sponsoring a Turkey and Italian Hoagie Sale and a bake sale on Thursday, September 10, 2015 from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM in the church hall. Orders can be placed by calling Debbie by September 6th.



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