6 12 2015

Saturday, Dec.5 St. Nicholas of Myra Archbishop
Anointing of Holy Oil – Myrovania
4:00 PM ✞Ann Phillips – Son Peter Phillips

Sunday, Dec. 6 St. Nicolas of Myra Archbishop
Anointing of Holy Oil – Myrovania
8:30 AM ✞Deceased members of the Bosack Family –
Anna Bosack & Carol Kosek

Wednesday, Dec. 9 CONCEPTION OF ST. ANNA
9:00 AM Anointing of Holy Oil – Myrovania
✞John Phillips – Brother Peter Phillips

Saturday, Dec. 12
4:00 PM ✞Father Nick Kostiuk – Ron & Rosemarie Kachinko

8:30 AM God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners

father Popyk will be available 30 minutes before all church services for confession before Christmas.

Saint Nicholas, bishop of Myra in Asia Minor, is one of the most popular Saints, especially among Eastern Christians. He won great esteem through his numerous works of mercy during his life and through great zeal in defending the divinity of Christ against the heretic Arius of the Council of Nicaea in 325. He is regarded as the Patron Saint of children. He was popularized in America by the Dutch puritans who disguised the “popish” Saint as a Nordic magician, called “Santa Claus.”
In 1087 Italian merchants brought St. Nicholas’ body to Bari in Italy from Asia. A perfumed oil is still flowing out of his holy relics.
Our prince Vsevolod Yaroslavych introduced his feast into Ukraine under Pope Urban II (1088-99). Saint Nicholas is very popular among our people, both Catholic and Orthodox.

O Saint Nicholas, bountiful Father and special Patron of our Byzantine Catholic Church, You are a shepherd and teacher to all who invoke your protection, and who, by devout prayer, call upon you for aid. Hasten and save the flock of Christ from ravenous wolves; and by your holy prayers protect all Christians and save them from worldly disturbances, earthquakes, attacks from abroad, from internal strife, from famine, flood, fire, sword, and sudden death. As you had mercy on those three men in prison and saved them from the king’s wrath, now also have mercy on me who by word, deed, and thought have sunk into the darkness of sin, Save me from the just anger of God, and from eternal punishment. Through your intercession and aid as well as through his own mercy and grace, may Christ our God allow me to lead a tranquil and sinless life, and save me from standing at “his left,” but deem me worthy to stand at “his right” with all the Saints. Amen.

SANCTUARY LIGHT: The Sanctuary Light is requested to burn this week Dec. 5 – 12 by Halloway Family in memory of George Halloway.

ALTAR CANDLES: The Altar candles are requested to burn at all services for the month of December by Albert Piston in memory of his parents Jennie and Michael Piston.

COUNCIL MEETING: A Parish Council & Trustees meeting will be held on Thursday, December 17. 2015 6:00 PM. The meeting is important and all parishioners are welcome to attend. The nomination of Council members for 2016 will be held.

WOMEN’S SOCIETY: The Women’s Society will celebrate their annual Christmas party this Sunday, Dec. 6th at 1:00 PM. If you plan to attend and did not sign in please call Anna Magill 570-696-1473.

NATIVITY SET UP: Sunday, December 20th is planned to have the Nativity set up. We are asking for all the help we can get to do this beautiful scene. The more help we get the faster it will be accomplished. Please try to be at the church about 1:00 PM.

This was the last week for the Lottery tickets. We would like to thank all those who helped in any way with this project. Mike & Dolores Sinko did a fine job of managing this and our thanks to Mike especially for all the traveling he did to different areas to sell the tickets. To all the winners we congratulate you. If you did not win or have a winner our hopes of better luck next time.

ST. NICHOLAS OF MYRA BYZANTINE CATHOLIC CHURCH is having a “COOKIE WALK SALE”. All cookies are homemade and will include anise, wedding, pepper, thumbprint, ricotta, chocolate chips, peanut butter kisses, nut, rugelach, and linzer cookies. The sale will be on Saturday, December 19, 2015 at 320 Vine St. Old Forge, Pa. from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. Fill the box with cookies you like and pay $8.00 per pound.



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