25 01 2017

Saturday, Jan. 28
4:00 PM ✞All Deceased Members of the Women’s Society

8:30 AM God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners

9:00 AM God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners
Blessing of CandleS – MYROVANIA

Saturday, February 4 God’s Blessing for good health
4:00 pm Sallie Halloway Blount – Halloway Family

8:30 AM God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners


On the 30th of January we celebrate the memory of three great and very outstanding bishops, teachers, preachers and Fathers of the Eastern Church: St. Basil the Great, St. Gregory the Theologian and St. John Chrysostom. Among our people this feast is known as the feast of the “Three Holy Hierarchs”. These three hierarchs-bishops were giants of faith, courage, holiness and learning. They handed down to us the pure faith of the Council of Nicea; they expounded the dogmas of the Holy Trinity, Christ’s Divinity and the Holy Eucharist Because of their great merits, in her liturgy our Eastern Church calls them peers of the Apostles, instruments of the Holy Spirit, pillars of the Church and universal teachers of the whole world. All three lived in the fourth century – the golden age of the Christian faith. St. Basil and St. Gregory were sons of Cappodocia in Asia Minor, intimate friends of approximately the same age. St. John Chrysostom, an Antiochian, was younger than the other two by twenty years. Apostolic Zeal for the holy faith and salvation of souls united them.
The feast of the Three Holy Hierarchs is one of the very recent feasts of the Greek Church. A great dispute in the second half of the eleventh century gave rise to the institution of this feast. This controversy arose among Christians over which of these three Saints contributed the most to the Church. Some thought St. Basil to be the greatest, others, St. Gregory the Theologian, still other, St. John Chrysostom. Those who were advocates of St. Basil were called Basilians, those of St. Greagory – Gregorians, and those of St. John Chrysostom – Joanites. This dispute was settled by the three bishops themselves. Each one separately, and later all three together, appeared to John, Bishop of the city of Euchaita (a suburb of Constantinople), who was known for his wisdom, learning and virtue, and said: “We, as you can see, are one before God and there is nothing between us that is contrary or controversial; each one of us, differently inspired by the Holy Spirit, taught that which was necessary for the salvation of man. Therefore, there is no first or second among us, but as you call one so shall the others be called. Arise, then, and command those who are arguing over us, not to divide themselves, for as during life, so too after death, our goal is to bring peoples from all corners of the earth to peace and unity. Institute, therefore, the celebration of our memory on the same day, as all three of us are of the same rank before God, and we shall help those to achieve salvation who shall celebrate our memory.”
In 1076, Bishop John did as the three bishops commanded him. However, because holy Church already celebrated the memory of each one separately, he designated the 30th of January as the day for their common feast. In addition to this, he had a sermon in their honor, and composed troparions, canons and sticheras. Our chronicles at the end of 1076 mention the institution of this feast in Greece.


The Presentation is a feast Commemorating the offering and Dedication of the Infant Jesus by His Mother Mary and St. Joseph to God’s service in accordance with the law that all first-born males of the Jewish people were to be dedicated to God’s service. Since God had chosen the tribe of Aaron to serve the Temple, all had to be redeemed by a ransom. Rich people paid with a lamb, the poorest ones the first-born males of the other tribes had to offer two doves or two quails as a ransom. Joseph and Mary were poor, therefore they offered two doves.
Saint Simeon, a holy man lived in the temple of Jerusalem waiting for the Messia. God promised that he would not die without seeing the newly-born Messia. He received Jesus into his arms, and he called, therefore, “Boho-preiemets.” There was also a pious widow Anna. She saw the Messia and announced His coming in Jerusalem. She is, therefore, called prophetess
The feast of the Presentation was introduced in the third century. In the sixth century it spread throughout the whole Church. During the reign of Emperor Justinian l (483-565) a terrible earthquake harassed the Byzantine Empire. The sea also flooded the continent. Special devotions in honor of the Mother of God were instituted. The prayer was answered and the feast of the Presentation was ratified as a reminder of Mary’s protection over the Church and its faithful.
On this feast candles are blessed. Parishioners use the blessed candles in their homes as a sacramental.

SANCTUARY LIGHT: The Sanactuary Light is requested to burn this week – Jan. 28 – Feb. 4 by Mike & Dolores Sinko in memory of Frank Stankunas.
BLESSING OF HOMES: You may still have Father bless your home. If you would like to have your home blessed please call Father Walter at 735-2262 or place your name and address on the list in the vestibule.

THANKS: Many thanks to the men and women who volunteered their services to dismantle the Nativity. These volunteers are very generous with their time and labor. May God bless them dearly.

SYMPATHY: We extend our deepest sympathy to Father Paul Wolensky whose mother Anna Wolensky was called to her eternal rest. May her memory be eternal. Vichnya Pomyat!

POINTSETTIA’S: If you would like to have Poinsettia Plant, please take one from the vestibule. They are still pretty nice, so do help yourself to one or two.

LUC MEETING: North Anthracite Council – League of Ukrainian Catholics will meet on Thursday, February 9, 2017 at 6:30 pm at Grotto Pizza, 36 Gateway Shopping Center, Edwardsville, PA. Main agenda item will be hosting Convention 2017 to be held the weekend of October 6, 7 and 8 in Wilkes-Barre. 
For additional information contact Dorothy Jamula, President at 570 822-5354 or any LUC member of the parish.

Myasopusna 2017: Dinner tickets are now available for the 2017 Myasopusna Celebration, to be held at Transfiguration of Our Lord Ukrainian Catholic Church Hall (Nanticoke) on Sunday, February 19, from 12:30 to 2:00pm. Dinner tickets are $15 and can be purchased by calling 570-735-4654. Entertainment will follow the serving of the dinner.



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