12 02 2017

Saturday, Feb. 11
4:00 PM Fred Uhas – Michaelene Ostrum

8:30 AM God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners

Thursday, Feb. 16
9:00 AM ✞All Deceased Men of the Parish

Saturday, Feb. 18
4:00 PM ✞Theresa Phillips – Janet Golasewski

8:30 AM God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners


Prayer is a great source of joy and
the best protection from depression.
When we talk, Lord,
You help me see solutions for a better day.

Here’s a creative, helpful way to have a “place” for every prayer request so you can be sure to pray. Think of it as a way to pray every day.
Monday: Pray for Your Family Take time to pray for each member of your family. Include extended family members. Entrust each one to the Lord. Wherever they are in their relationship with God, pray that He draws them “ever one step closer.” Be as specific as you can as you pray that He will meet them at their point of need.
Tuesday: Pray for God’s Family Pray for the church, starting with your local church. Pray for your pastor(s), ministry leaders (e.g., elders, deacons, missionaries, teachers, nursery workers) and their families. Who else in the church needs prayer? Now think of the church around the world. Pray that the Gospel would be preached “as of first importance” (1 Corinthians 15:1-11).
Wednesday: Pray for Your Community Think about the groups where you are an “insider” and pray for the people you see regularly — those you live near, work with, bump into at school or the store, and so forth. How have they asked you to pray for them? Pray that the Lord will meet each one at his or her point of need, both physically and spiritually, according to His will.
Thursday: Pray for the Nation Pray for the revival of God’s people, and that we’ll be “Jesus in jeans” as we truly love and serve those around us. Pray for those in authority. Ask God to bring to mind local and national spiritual and political leaders, and pray for each. Pray about national issues and challenges, such as the economy and its impact on everyday families.
Friday: Pray for the World Pray that God will use His people to help others “to know Christ and to make Him known.” Pray that revived Christ followers would respond with Jesus’ love, grace, compassion and wisdom to social struggles — add to your prayer list specific needs you are aware of. Pray for the persecuted church. Finally, pray for the advance of the Gospel everywhere, toward Matthew 24:14.
Saturday: Pray for the Helpless, Hopeless, Hurting and Lost As part of a regular Pray Every Day strategy, on Saturdays take time to pray for the down-and-out. Start with the world, draw closer to your nation, closer to your state, and closer still to your own community. List the names of and pray for the physically and spiritually afflicted. Pray specifically for ministries that are reaching out to the helpless, hopeless, hurting and lost.
Sunday: Pray for Personal Guidance Finally, take time to pray for your own personal needs. Sometimes we pray for everything and everyone else but forget to pray for ourselves. On Sundays, pull away and pray for yourself. Walk with God through every aspect of your life — your personal, family, work, community, and church aspects of your life. Say, “Speak whatever to me, Lord, I’m listening!”
See how this can help you become more intentional in your prayer life? Indeed, prayer is the most important conversation of the day — with the Creator of the universe who is there, who cares, and who listens with an ear to respond both for His glory and for the good of people!

SANCTUARY LIGHT: The Sanctuary Light is requested to burn this week February 11 – 18 by Ann Beshada in memory of Mother Mary Conniff.

THANKS: Our thanks for the $100 donated for the use of Church Bulletin Supplies by and anonymous donor. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

BUILDING FUND: Many thanks to Mia Donnell for her donation to our Church Building Fund in memory of Florence Kloap.

MOVIE: father will present a movie – Ostrov (The Island) on Saturday, February 18th in the Church Hall at 1:00 PM. A very entertaining movie how we find healing from our sins and how merciful is God. All are welcome to attend.

Myasopusna 2017: Dinner tickets are now available for the 2017 Myasopusna Celebration, to be held at Transfiguration of Our Lord Ukrainian Catholic Church Hall (Nanticoke) on Sunday, February 19, from 12:30 to 2:00pm. Dinner tickets are $15 and can be purchased by calling 570-735-4654. Entertainment will follow the serving of the dinner.



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