4 10 2017

Saturday, October 7 – 4:00 PM
✞Mary Ann Sawka – Thomas Sawka, Sr.

Sunday, October 8 – 9:30AM
In Honor of the LUC Convention members
God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners

Saturday, October 14 – 4:00 PM
✞Paul suscavage – Kay & Ed Brozena

Sunday, October15– 8:30AM
God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners


The primary purposes of the LUC are:
To deepen love for God by personal sanctification and example through the practice of our Catholic faith in the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.
To support our hierarchy, clergy and religious both spiritually and materially.
To aid in the education of seminarians and religious. 
To foster spiritual retreats for adults and for our youth.
To support the training of the membership in the religious education of the youth in our parishes and in various programs on the parish level.
To develop artistic and cultural pursuits consonant with our Ukrainian Catholic heritage. 
Founded in 1933, the work of the LUC has been to bring the faithful together in both spiritual and social activities throughout the parishes of the Metropolia. It has encouraged membership from all parishes within the four Eparchies and it has been the forerunner of the “Vibrant Parish” program. The current focus of the League is to combine our purposes with those of the “Vibrant Parish – a place to encounter the living Christ” program as initiated by our Patriarch, His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk, in his pastoral letter of December 2, 2011, looking towards the year 2020 and beyond, for a renewal of our church life, a transformation to a Vibrant Parish through: the Word of God, the Sacraments, Prayer, Serving One’s Neighbor, Leadership, Fostering Unity and a Missionary Spirit. It is through these components of the Pastoral letter that we can come to encounter the living Christ in our parishes and in our communities. Membership in the LUC is open to all Ukrainian Catholics.
OCTOBER 8, 2017

Why do we have a procession with the LUC banners entering the church when Bishop John is visiting, and why do you not have the American, Ukrainian or Papal flags in the procession?
     It is about the meaning of the word; Sabaoth?  You see it on page 30 of the little black Divine Liturgy book, do you know what that word means?  It is not Sabbath, i.e. Saturday, it is pronounced sabāˌäTH and is a Hebrew word meaning: heavenly hosts, in other words, the angels in heaven.  In the Bible God is called “the Lord of Sabaoth” and that is why we pray this way.  
     God’s angels are His heavenly Army and Michael the Archangel [Archangel means he is the head of the legions of angels] is the General.  If we were to draw a parallel between the angels and a profession in this world we would call the angels the Army of God.  So what does a battalion, an army, carry before themselves?  They carry the banner of their division.  So the LUC members, indeed all of us true Christians, i.e. Catholics, enter into God’s domicile behind the banner of the Legion of God’s Army to which we belong.  We are that Heavenly Army here on Earth, trying to live as God intended for us to live.  Praying and loving our Creator the Lord of Sabaoth.   This is why no flag of a nation or of the Papal state is in this procession, because this is not a national thing and we are not Roman Catholics, we are the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in America.  The absence of said flags is not in disrespect for the nation we live in or the nation from which immigrants brought this church here from or the brother we are in a common union [communion] with; but rather, we are trying to find and live in that balance that recognizes The Church is about God and goes beyond mankind’s drawn boarders, because all of creation belongs to God our creator whom we wish to be reunited with for eternity, i.e. Heaven.  So we battle sin in this life as part of God’s visible army while we can.  That is why we process in to the church this way, like an army triumphant and the bishop represents and stands in place of Jesus Christ, our Lord, which is why he enters last, because the army precedes the King and leads Him to his throne


SANCTUARY LIGHT: The Sanctuary light is requested to burn this week October 7- 14 by Arlene Jones for God’s blessings for good health of her Sister-in-Law.

RUMMAGE – FLEA MARKET SALE: The Parish Women’s Society will be sponsoring a Rummage Sale this coming Friday & Saturday, October 13/14. The Sale will run on Friday, from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM and Saturday 9:00 AM –2:00 PM. The following weekend will be opened Friday, Oct. 20 – 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM, Sat. Oct. 21 – 9:00 AM –2:00 PM and Sun. Oct. 22 – 1:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Come and browse around, you may find a treasure. All are welcome…

WOMEN’S SOCIETY: The regular monthly meeting will we held this month on Wednesday, October 10th at the preparation of the Piggies. The project will begin at 10:00 AM and the meeting will be conducted in between the work. This is important because of the Rummage Sale that weekend.



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