25 01 2021

JANUARY 24, 2021

Saturday, Jan. 23                 

             4:00 PM                 God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners

Sunday, Jan. 24                      SUNDAY OF THE PUBLICAN & THE PHARISEE

            8:30 AM         Helen Youells – Louise Hubiack

Saturday, January 30

            4:00 PM                    ✞Robert Bath, Jr. – Joanne Rovinski, Stacy Hart & family.

Sunday, January 31                SUNDAY OF THE PRODIGAL SON

           8:30 AM                      God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners                            

The four Sundays (Sunday of the Pharisee and Publican, 

Sunday of the Prodigal Son, Sunday of Meat-Fare and 

Sunday of Cheese-Fare) form a pre-Lenten period, 

preparing us for the Lenten season 

Faith might not be as precise as logic,

but it is much more comforting.

Khrystos Razhdayetsia – Christ is Born

The Publican and the Pharisee

Before the soldier goes to battle, he undergoes a long period of military training to prepare himself physically and psychologically for combat and to enable him to bear the burdens and inconveniences of military life.

In like manner, holy Church, our good Mother, prepares us, her children, spiritually for the struggles we must undergo before she imposes upon us the strict Great Fast (Forty-Days Fast). This is precisely the aim of the four pre-Lenten Sundays, which begin with the Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee and end with Cheese fare Sunday. In the Church services of those Sunday’s, holy Church places before our eyes several biblical scenes: the proud Pharisee and the humble Publican, the conversion of the Prodigal Son, the scene of the Last Judgment and the expulsion of our First Parents from Paradise. These dramatic scenes have the power to move us to the depths; they reveal God’s mercy and justice, and convince us of the need for conversion and penance for our salvation. Meditation on these events should evoke in us a serious attitude toward fasting; convincing us of its necessity and benefit as it gradually prepares us for the Fast itself.

PIGGIE/HOLUBTSI DINNER: Saints Peter & Paul Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, Wilkes-Barre will hold a take-out Piggie / Holubtsi Dinner on Sunday, January 31st, 2021.  Dinners may be picked up between 12:00 (noon) and 3:00 pm in Our Parish Parking Lot, corner of North River and West Chestnut Streets, Wilkes-Barre.  Dinner includes; Piggies (meat & rice stuffed cabbage), mashed potatoes, vegetable, bread and butter and dessert.  Dinners will be $12.00 for adults and $7.00 for children (12 and under).  Drive-up customers will be welcomed, but reservations are Strongly Encouraged, (570) 829-3051.


Grace is a gift from God that enables us to live more fully in union with Him. It strengthens our desire to choose good over evil. It also helps us to manage difficulties in our lives better. When we feel humility, compassion, forgiveness we’re putting others’ needs before our own. These are signs of God’s graces working within us. 

When we let Him work through us, we help Him to do the same for others. We can show His love for others in how we treat them and in how we pray for them. 

Sympathy: Our sincere sympathy on the news that Father Frank Patrylak was called to his eternal rest on Wednesday January 20, 2021. Details were not available at this time. 



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