28 08 2021

MAY 23, 2021


Saturday, May 22– 4:00 PM     ✞Bernie Kachinko – Wife Mary Ann Kachinko & Family 

Anointing with Holy Oil – Myrovania

Sunday, May 23 – 8:30 AM Pentecost Sunday

God’s Blessings and Good Health for All Parishioners

Anointing with Holy Oil – Myrovania 

2:30 PM Panakhyda at Parish Cemetery

Saturday, June 29 – 4:00 PM  ✞Jason Yankosky – Diane Petry

Sunday, June 30 –  8:30 AM  First Sunday after Pentecost                         SUNDAY OF All Saints  

Sanctuary Light: The Sanctuary light is requested to burn this week May 22– 30 by Michaelene Ostrum in memory of Michael Sirak.

Panakhyda at Parish Cemetery –This Sunday is Green Sunday and a  Panakhyda Service will be celebrated at our parish Cemetery at 2:30 PA. Remember your loved ones in prayer at this Sunday’s service. 

WOMEN’S SOCIETY: The Parish Women’s Society is calling a meeting to try to get activities moving again. All members and any parishioner are welcome to attend on Tuesday June 8th in the Parish Hall at 6:30 PM. Let’s see if we can get a little enthusiastic about some fund raising agendas. 



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