10 12 2021


NOVEMBER 7, 2021

Saturday, Nov. 6

            4:00 PM             ✞Bernard Kachinko – Wife Mary Ann Kachinko & Family


8:30 AM                God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners

Saturday, Nov. 13

           4:00 PM     ✞Rosalie Laszok – Mike Kane 

Sunday, Nov. 14                   TWENTY FIFTH SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST

  8:30 AM                  

God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners

SANCTUARY LIGHT: The Sanctuary Light is requested to burn this week Nov. 6 – 13 in memory of Bernard Kachinko by his wife Mary Ann Kachinko & Family.

ALTAR CANDLES: The Alter candles are requested to  burn during all services in the month of November by Becky Molecavage in memory of her father Dimitri Bencho.

Women’s Society: The regular monthly meeting for the Parish Women’s Society will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 9th at 2:00 PM. Please, members and anyone interested in the Parish functions, be present and keep the organization afloat.



The Feast of the Archangel Michael and the holy Angels indicates to us the significant role the Angels play in our salvation. This feast also reminds up of our duties towards the Angels, especially toward our Guardian Angel. Throughout our entire life, at every moment and in every place our guardian angel watches over us, protects us, inspires us with good thoughts, warns us against sin, and intercedes for us before God. Our Guardian Angel is our guide to heaven, our helper against temptation, our companion at the hour of death. He is the constant witness of our thoughts, our words, and our deeds. Only in heaven will we one day see how much we owe to our Guardian Angel. From this comes our duty to venerate the holy Angels, to praise them and to thank them every day for their assistance and protection. 

Devotion to our own Guardian Angel is pleasing to him, not only when we venerate and pray to him, but above all, when we imitate him. He gives us a beautiful example of holiness. He teaches us by his example how to love God, how to serve him and glorify him. Therefore let us strive to love God as our Angel loves him, with greater fervor, and zealously carry out God’s will, as he does and as do all the other Angels in heaven

St. Michael was the protector and defender of God’s chosen people. Now he is the defender of the Church and of all the Faithful, whom he defends against the constant assaults of the devil.

He is invoked in sickness and most especially at the hour of death, when his all-powerful help is so much needed, for then it is that Satan makes his last and fiercest attack on the Christian soul, seeking with craft and cunning, with fears and despair, to drag it down to Hell. In the prayers traditionally said there is a special and beautiful prayer to St. Michael, imploring his help for the Church. It is as follows:



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