11 03 2022


MARCH 6, 2022

Saturday, Mar. 5        

4:00 PM       ✞Albert Piston – Stephen Piston & Family     

Sunday, March 6                  FIRST SUNDAY OF THE GREAT FAST

8:30 AM                    God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioner

Friday, March 11  

4:00 PM Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts 

Saturday, March 12             

           4:00 PM               ✞ Archpriest Daniel Gurovich – Marianne Sailus        

Sunday, March 13          SECOND SUNDAY OF THE GREAT FAST

8:30 AM            God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners

Our Ukrainian Catholic Church prescribes that the Liturgy of St. Basil the Great is to be celebrated on all of the Sundays of Great Lent, instead of the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, which is usually celebrated throughout the year.  St. Basil’s Liturgy has longer Anaphora prayers than that of St. John Chrysostom Liturgy (which was derived from the Liturgy of St. Basil the Great), and is celebrated ten times during the church year:  the five Sundays of Lent (not Palm Sunday), Holy Thursday, Holy Saturday, Christmas Eve, Epiphany Eve, and on the actual Feast of St. Basil which we celebrate on January 1st.


The first Sunday of the Great Fast is called the Sunday of Orthodoxy. What do we mean by “orthodoxy”? The word “orthodoxy” stems from the Greek word “orthodoxia” (orthos=right or straight; doksa=thinking) which signifies the true faith and the true worship of God. We are not speaking here of orthodoxy as we understand it today as being the Orthodox Eastern Church re. Catholic Church, but orthodoxy, as applied to the whole Church of Christ until the Great Schism between the Eastern and West which occurred during the patriarchate of Cerularius, 1054 A.D. The orthodoxy that we celebrate this Sunday is Universal (Catholic) orthodoxy, professed by the entire Church of Christ of the first centuries in the battle against the heresy of Iconoclasm (Gr – eikon=image; klastes=a breaker; – an image breaking heresy). The Sunday of Orthodoxy is a festival for the whole Church, both East and West. It is the festive celebration of the decisive victory over Iconoclasm and other heresies.

The purpose of this feast is to pay solemn public homage and veneration to the holy icons of Jesus Christ, the Blessed Mother of God, and all the Saints. 

The Church of Christ deeply respects and honors the holy icons as it also does holy relics. She places them in church for public veneration and recommends that we venerate them privately in our homes, and wear small icons around our necks in the form of little crosses or medals. 

Veneration of the Holy Icons

Resolutions for Avoiding Misery

Choose to love — rather than hate
Choose to smile — rather than frown
Choose to build — rather than destroy
Choose to persevere — rather than quit
Choose to praise — rather than gossip
Choose to heal — rather than wound
Choose to give — rather than grasp
Choose to act — rather than delay
Choose to forgive — rather than curse
Choose to pray — rather than despair

The three aspects of the Fast

According to Byzantine tradition, the discipline of the fast consists of three parts:

  1. Corporal (bodily) fast, by which we refrain from certain foods, drinks and amusements, in order to break the hold that things may have over us. See Fasting.
  2. Spiritual or internal fast, by which we seek to turn from any sin, wickedness or evil habits in our lives, so that we may come into God’s presence well-prepared to celebrate our Lord’s Resurrection and our redemption.
  3. Spiritual renewal, by which we seek a greater practice of the virtues, a deeper life of prayer, repentance for our sins, and a greater conversion (metanoia) of heart, which manifests itself in good works. All of these are oriented to a deeper union with God – theosis.


A new chart for the requests for the Sanctuary Light is available. The Light will burn for the week at the request of a donation of $15, for the intention of your chose. May it we in honor of someone, in memory of l loved one or any occasion. This is a prayerful way to remember a loved one. Sign up for your intentions.

WOMEN’S SOCIETY:The Parish Women’s Society will meet for the first time after the long winter on Tuesday, March 8th at 6:00 PM in the church hall. President Anna Magill will preside with many subjects to discuss for the future months. All members are urged to attend and new members are always welcome. Please come and join your parish fellowship.

CATHERINE MCAULEY CENTER: A thank you from the Center for our donation they received:

Dear Friends: Your generous donation for the Plymouth Shelter will help to make this gift possible for the women and children experiencing homelessness served by the Catherine McAuley Center.  Please know that the impact of your gift will be visible in the lives transformed by your generosity, and we are deeply grateful.

FUND DRIVE FOR UKRAINE: Inquiring about places that are collecting for this cause. 


Please keep the parishioners of St. Vladimir Church in Edwardsville in your prayers as the parish was officially merged with SS. Peter & Paul in Plymouth. May their faith be strengthened and may they be welcomed as they transition to their new spiritual home. 

Please pray for soul of our brother + Archpriest Daniel Gurovich, who passed away Thursday night March 2nd. May he find rest in the bosom of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

With the saints O Lord, give eternal rest.



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