5 09 2022


August 28, 2022

Saturday, August 27– 4:00 PM

God’s Blessing and Good Health on all parishioners.

Sunday, August 28 – 8:30AM 


✞John Dubik – The Udiski Family

Monday, August 29 8:00 AMBEHEADING OF St. John the Baptist

God’s Blessing and Good Health on all parishioners.

Saturday, September 3 4:00 PM

God’s Blessing and Good Health on all parishioners

Sunday, September 4 – 8:30AM 


God’s Blessing’s on Father Hector

Transfiguration of Our Lord Weekend Liturgies:

Saturday 6:00 PM Sunday 10:30 AM

Yesterday is history,

 tomorrow is a mystery,

 today is a gift of God, 

which is why we call it the present.

 St. John the Baptist

               August 29

                   May our Lord bless you through theintercessions

                           of the glorious prophet and forerunner, 



  Saint John the Baptist was the precursor of Christ, whom Christ called “thegreatest of thesonsof women.” He was the last of the prophets sent by God to the people of Israel to prepare them for the coming of the Messias. Saint John preached penance on the shores of the river Jordan in Palestine. During his time a great scandal occurred in Palestine. Herod Antipas, tetrarch (a subordinate prince or king) of Galilee and Perea took Herodias, the wife of his brother Philip, and married her. While the “austere” Pharisees did not dare to condemn their ruler, St. John the Baptist went to the royal palace and courageously condemned the tetrarch’s incestuous union with Herodias.

Herod instigated by Herodias cast John into prison. Although Herodias would have him killed, Herod refused to shed his blood partly for fear of the people and partly out of reverence for the saintly preacher.

            On the birthday of Herod the opportunity was given to Herodios to wreak her vengeance on the preacher. It was a great festival with numerous guests, dancing, music, etc. Herodias’ daughter by Philip, Salome, danced before the tetrarch and his company. Herod promised to give her whatever she might ask. At the prompting of her mother, Salome requested the head of Saint John, Herod through a false sense of honor for his promise ordered his guards that John be beheaded. Thus the girl took the head of the Saint to her revengeful mother.

DEVELOP THE HABIT: We ought, therefore, to try to acquire the habit of saying JESUS, JESUS, JESUS, very often every day, with fervent love and devotion – when dressing, when working – no matter what we are doing, in moments of sadness and in moments of joy, at home, in company, on the street, when walking, riding, or waiting.

We can say it countless times every day, and thus gain untold graces and blessings for ourselves and for the whole world. Nothing is easier, if only we do it with all our heart. The only thing we have to do is form the habit of constantly saying JESUS.

SANCTUARY LIGHT:  The Sanctuary Light is requested to burn this week August 27 – Sept. 3 by Rosemarie Kachinko in memory of Michael & Katherine Kachinko.

BUILDING FUND:Donations were received for the Parish Building fund in memory of Michael Sirak by Anna Magill & Nelson & Donna Warren. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and greatly appreciated.

PRAYERS: Please remember Father Paul Wolensky in your prayers. Father had some surgery and is recuperating at Kinston Rehab Center, Second Ave., Kingston, PA. We miss him and his singing the Divine Liturgy. May God grant him a speedy recovery. Also remember all the parishioners who are ill at home, in nursing facilities, etc. 

BIRTHDAY: We extend our Happy Birthday greeting to Mr. Dennis Karschmarsky who is celebrating his Birthday this month. May God grant you many more Happy, Healthy Years. Mnohya Lita

LUC MEETING: Members of  the North Anthracite Council of the League of Ukrainian Catholics will meet this Sunday, August  28th at 2:30 pm at Grotto Pizza, 36 Gateway Center, Edwardsville PA. New members are always welcome. 

RUMMAGE SALE: Remember the Woman’s Society is having their annual Rummage Sale in October. If you have any items to donate to this fund raiser, please bring to the church, hall or call a member for assistance. 




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