5 02 2023


JANUARY 22, 2023

Saturday, Jan. 21                 

             4:00 PM                 ✞Annetta Rudeski – Donald & Donna Winsock & Family

Sunday, Jan. 22                         SUNDAY OF ZACCHAEUS

            8:30 AM         God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners

Saturday, January 28

            4:00 PM ✞Joyce Ultsh – Donald & Donna Winsock & Family

Sunday, January 29                SUNDAY OF THE PUBLICAN AND PHARISEE

           8:30 AM                        God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners

 SANCTUARY LIGHT:  The Sanctuary Light is requested to burn the week of 

Jan. 21 – 28 in loving memory of Joseph Pstrak by his wife Irene Pstrak and sons.

BUILDING FUND: We thank Judy Lucchino for her donation to the Parish Building Fund in memory of Mary Ann Youells. 

We also received a donation to the Building Fund from Irene Pstrak & Sons in loving memory of her husband Joseph Pstrak. The donations are always appreciated. 

PIGGIE DINNER: Saints Peter & Paul Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, Wilkes- Barre will hold a take-out Piggie / Holubtsi Dinner on Saturday, January 28th, 2023.  Dinners may be picked up between 12:00 (noon) and 4:00 pm in our school hall, corner of North River and West Chestnut Streets, Wilkes-Barre.  Dinner includes; Piggies (meat & rice stuffed cabbage), mashed potatoes, vegetable, bread and butter and dessert.  Dinners will be $15.00 for adults and $9.00 for children (12 and under).  Walk-in customers will be welcomed, but reservations are Strongly Encouraged.

NATIVITY: Thank you and greatest appreciation to all the volunteer helpers who came out to take down the Nativity last Sunday. A job well done and may God bless  you with many happy years, peace, health and salvation. 




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