12 04 2009

Saturday, April 11 Resurrection Matins / Procession
7:00 PM Easter Divine Liturgy ~ Blessing of Artos
Myrovania ~Anointing of Holy Oil

11:30 AM Anointing of Holy Oil – Myrovania

Monday, April 13 BRIGHT MONDAY
10:30 AM

Tuesday, April 14 BRIGHT TUESDAY

Wednesday, April 15 BRIGHT WEDNESDAY
9:00 AM

Saturday, April 18 BRIGHT SATURDAY
4:00 PM Distribution of Artos – Anointing of Holy Oil – Myrovania

Sunday, April 19 SUNDAY OF ST. THOMAS
8:30 AM Distribution of Artos – Anointing of Holy Oil – Myrovania
God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners

Transfiguration of Our Lord; Easter Sunday – 8:00 AM Resurrection Divine Liturgy
Next weekend – Saturday – 6:00 PM – Sunday – 10:30 AM
SANCTUARY LIGHT: The Sanctuary Light is requested to burn this week April 11- 18 – 29 by Charles Drazba and Family in memory of John Carpa.

FLOWERS: 2 Bouquets of flowers are donated this week by Geri Kolotelo in memory of her mother Anna Kolotelo. Your donation is greatly appreciated.

THANKS: Our thanks to all who were so kind to donate their time for the preparation of our church services and helping in any way to make this Holy Season joyous for all to give praise to our Risen Christ.

SVIACHENE: Our Sviachene (Easter Dinner) is being held on Sunday, May 3, 2009 in our Church Hall at 2:00 PM. Tickets are available The cost is $12 for adults
and $5 for children under 12. Bring your family and friends for this dinner to celebrate the Easter Season.
Deadline for tickets is April 29th. If you did not purchase
your tickets and plan to attend please get your tickets.
Chairman of the Chinese Auction is Mary Ann Kachinko. Your donations will be appreciated.
BUILDING FUND: We are grateful for the donations to our Building Fund in memory of Andrew Patrylak from: Sharon & Bob Stene, Ellen & Ted DeAngelo, Andrew, Heather, Julia and Joshua Finkle, Ann Beshada and Co-Workers and friends of Andrew Patrylak, Jr. from Air Products in Allentown. Also our thanks for the donation in memory of Frank Kulick from John & Ann Godzyk.

ALTAR CLOTHES: Our thanks to Michael Kowalick for having our Easter Altar Clothes, that were donated in memory of Priscilla Kowalick, dry cleaned at his place of employment. God’s Blessings.

ALTAR WINE: We express our thanks to an anonymous donator who purchased a case of the wine used for the Holy Eucharist.

CARNATIONS: Mothers Day is coming soon and volunteers are requested to sell the carnations for Human Life at our parish. If we do not get a volunteer we will have to cancel our sale of the carnations. Please inform Father Roman if uyou are interested in doing this worthy cause.

WOMEN’S SOCIETY: The regular monthly meeting of the Women’s Society will meet Tuesday, April 14, 6:30 PM. President Irene Frisbie will preside. All members are asked to please be present and new members are always welcome.

“I am the Resurrection and the Life
Whoever lives and believes in me shall never die.”

The trees and the grass, much the worse for wear
Will soon spring to life, for through God’s loving care
The natural order of God’s perfect plan
Brings life, both to earth and to sleeping man
Waiting to hear the song of the first returning bird
We realize, once more, it’s the sweetest song we’ve heard
Perennials stubbornly pushing their way up through the earth
A celebration of new life, for it’s a glorious rebirth
The streams set free from winter’s icy grasp
Flow through glade and glen, free from winter’s chilling blast
The earth in it’s awakening, its splendor to unfold
Is part of God’s plan that often remains untold
A wonderful restoration, new life from God above
The earth, clothed in beauty, man awakened by God’s love!



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