18 04 2009

Saturday, April 18
4:00 PM Wasil Semcheski – John & Nancy Semcheski
Distribution of Artos and Myrovania – Anointing of Holy Oil

8:30AM God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners
Distribution of Artos and Myrovania – Anointing of Holy Oil

Wednesday, April 22
8:30 AM Helen Carlo – Mr. & Mrs. Al Czopeck

Friday, April 24
8:30 AM Michael Sirak – Wife Helene Sirak

Saturday, April 25
4:00 PM John & Anna Rudeski – Jack, Annetta & Jaclyn Rudeski

8:30 AM God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners

Transfiguration of Our Lord
Saturday 6:00 PM Sunday 10:30 AM


Some authors derive this name from the fact that this Sunday is the leading Sunday, i.e., the first Sunday that continues the feast of the Pasch. Among our people there existed an old custom, on the Sunday of St. Thomas, of commemorating the dead with a special memorial repast and praying for their souls at the cemetery.
The celebration of the eighth day after the Pasch as the conclusion of Bright Week, from earliest times, had been regarded as a separate feast. The theme of the services of this feast and of the week that follows is the Gospel event describing the apparition of Christ on the eighth day after His resurrection and the moving scene of St. Thomas’ conversion and profession of faith. Regarding the significance of this feast, St. Gregory the Theologian (389), in a homily on the Sunday of St. Thomas said: “The old law, which was established for a good purpose, honors the day of renewal, or rather, should we say, that with the day of renewal it honors new blessings. For, was not the first day of the resurrection which occurred after the holy and glorious night, also a day of renewal? Why, then, do we give this name to today’s feast? That day (i.e. of the Resurrection) was a day of salvation, while this day is the commemoration of salvation. By its very nature, that day separates the burial and the resurrection, while this day is a day of an altogether new birth…Today we celebrate a genuine renewal, going from death to life. Therefore, cast off the old man and renew yourselves and live in newness of life.”
Our Church celebrates the memory of St. Thomas the Apostle on the 6th of October, whereas the Latin Church celebrates it on the 21st of December. About the apostolic work of St. Thomas in a homily delivered on Thomas Sunday, St. John Chrysostom eulogizes St. Thomas thus: “Of all the other Apostles he was, at one time, the weakest in faith but, with God’s grace, he became more courageous and more untiring than the rest. He traversed almost the whole known world, preaching the word of God fearlessly to nations that were fierce, savage and bloodthirsty.” St. Thomas is believed to have died a martyr’s death for the Christian faith in India.

To You, Risen Lord, we offer our tears turned to laughter,
our pain turned to joy, our fear turned to glad confidence.
Your victory over death puts hope in our hearts.

Easter greeting: “Christ is risen! — Indeed He is risen!” Kristos Vosdres – Voistynu Voskres! Is our personal proclamation of Christ’s glorious resurrection, and is the greeting used by the faithful until Ascension Thursday.

SANCTUARY LIGHT: The Sanctuary Light is requested to burn this week April 18 – 25 by Jule Wido & Family in memory of son Frank Wido.

FLOWERS: We thank Helen Sawka and Family for their donation of flowers this week in memory of Theodore Sawka.

SVIACHENE: Our Sviachene (Easter Dinner) is being held on Sunday, May 3, 2009 in our Church Hall at 2:00 PM. Tickets are available The cost is $12 for adults and $5 for children under 12. Bring your family and friends for this dinner
to celebrate the Easter Season.
Deadline for tickets is April 29th. If you did not
purchase your tickets and plan to attend please get
your tickets. Gifts are needed for the Chinese Auction,
Chairman of the Chinese Auction is Mary Ann Kachinko. Desserts for the dinner will be greatly appreciated.

THANKS: Father and Mrs. Petryshak express their thanks to all who sent them Easter greetings and gifts. God’s Blessing on you now and always.
Father also wishes to thank all who participated in the Church Services and procession to make Easter Resurrection so beautiful.
We would like to thank Geri Kolotelo for her preparation and conducting the 1st Generation of Faith in our Parish also to those who participated and attended this beautiful and spiritual presentation. Hopefully the next session more will be interested and be in attendance.

Why do we stand, and not kneel, from Easter to Pentecost?

In the tradition of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, it is wrong to kneel at anytime from Easter to Pentecost. Despite the fact that other churches do it or “visitors…are surprised” does not change the fact that kneeling is not proper during this time.
In the Ukrainian Catholic Tradition, the action of kneeling and prostrating is a penitential posture. It is the position of a sinner seeking forgiveness. It is NOT a position of adoration (as it is in the West). This is why it is practiced so often in the Lenten season.
Standing (the proper position of adoration in the East) on the other hand, in the Ukrainian Catholic Tradition, is the position of giving praise and thanks to God in the spirit of joy and happiness. During the Paschal Season (Easter to Pentecost), the time for repentance, and fasting, is over. It is the time of our salvation for “Christ is Risen!” We express our joy, thanksgiving and adoration for this fact and the fact that we who have “…been baptized into Christ and put on Christ” have also risen with Him. It is for this reason that kneeling is improper during this holy season. To kneel during this season is to imply that you do not accept the resurrection of Christ. By standing for all prayer, (even private before and after services) you are demonstrating, in a bodily way, that you believe that “Christ is risen from the dead, and by death He has trampled death and to those in the graves He has granted life.” You are not being irreverent by standing. Remember that kneeling is not a sign of adoration in the eastern Tradition.




APRIL 19, 2009

Jesus came and stood in the midst of the disciples, Thomas with them and said, “Peace be upon you.” Then said to Thomas “Bring here your finger and examine my hands and bring your hand and put it into My side and be not incredulous but believing.”
Thomas answered Him, “My Lord and My God,” Jesus said to him, “You believe because you have seen Me, blessed are those who have not seen, and yet believe.”



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