27 06 2017

4:00 PM ✞Nadine McCune – Aunt Helene Sirak
Petitions to Christ the Lover of Mankind

Sunday, June 25
8:30 AM God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners
Petitions to Christ the Lover of Mankind

Thursday, June 29 Feast of SS Peter & Paul
9:00 AM Holy Day of Obligation
Anointing with Holy Oil – Myrovonia God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners

Saturday, July 1
4:00 PM ✞Stella Skwirut – Helene Sirak

8:30 AM God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners

June 24th
Saint John the Baptist, son of Zachary and Elizabeth, is the greatest of the prophets. He prepared the people of Israel for the arrival of the Messiahs, and therefore he is called the Precursor of Christ. He is also known as “Baptist” because he baptized Jesus Christ in the waters of the river Jordan.
This feast dates back to the third century, for Saint Augustine (354-430) said that it was based upon a tradition of the Fathers.
Christians have long interpreted the life of John the Baptist as a preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ, and the circumstances of his birth, as recorded in the New Testament, are miraculous. John’s pivotal place in the gospel is seen in the emphasis Luke gives to the announcement of his birth and the event itself—both made prominently parallel to the same occurrences in the life of Jesus.[1]
The sole biblical account of the birth of John the Baptist comes from the Gospel of Luke. John’s parents, Zechariah or Zachary — a Jewish priest — and Elizabeth, were without children and both were beyond the age of child-bearing. During Zechariah’s rotation to serve in the Temple in Jerusalem, he was chosen by lot to offer incense at the Golden Altar in the Holy Place. The Archangel Gabriel appeared to him and announced that he and his wife would give birth to a child, and that they should name him John. However, because Zechariah did not believe the message of Gabriel, he was rendered speechless until the time of John’s birth.[2] At that time, his relatives wanted to name the child after his father, and Zechariah wrote, “His name is John”, whereupon he recovered his ability to speak (Luke 1:5–25; 1:57–66). Following Zechariah’s obedience to the command of God, he was given the gift of prophecy, and foretold the future ministry of John (Luke 1:67–79), this prophecy forming the text of the Benedictus canticle.

Feast Day of SS Peter and Paul Apostles
June 29
Saints Peter and Paul are the two great apostles of the firs century, martyred in Rome around the year 67 A.D. This feast commemorates the dedication of the basilicas of Saint Peter in 350 A.D. and Saint Paul in 390 A.D.
Peter was the rock on which Jesus built his church. As vicar of his Lord, Peter was the head of the Apostles. He was also the first pope. Peter led the church at Antioch, and later established the seat of the papacy at Rome. He suffered martyrdom by being hung upside down on the cross on June 29, 67 A.D.
Paul is referred to as the “Apostle to the Gentiles.” It was through Paul’s preaching efforts that Christianity spread from Israel to the non-Jewish populations surrounding the Mediterranean. As the patrons of our church, Saints Peter and Paul lead us to be constant in our belief in Jesus and in our Church.

SANCTUARY LIGHT: The Sanctuary light is requested to burn this week June 24 – July 1 by Ron & Rosemarie Kachinko in memory of their parents Michael & Catherine Kachinko and John & Mildred Starzec.

FLOWERS: Our thanks to Anna Magill for her donation of flowers this week in memory of Donald Magill.

ANNIVERSARY WISHES: Our sincere belated Congratulations to Father Walter on his Third Anniversary to the priesthood. May God grant him many more happy, healthy years. Mnohya Lita!

NEW COPIER: A much needed new copier has been purchased for the Church office, thanks to the generous donations of Paul & Dolores Hoover and Catherine & Charles Halloway. The Copier is the top of the line at the cost of $1084 with the toner. May God bless them with much good health and happiness for their generosity.



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