14 11 2018

Saturday, Nov. 16
4:00 PM God’s Blessings for Good Health on Catherine Halloway
and Anna Koprowski – The Women’s Society

8:30 AM God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners

Anointing of Holy Oil – Myrovania
9:00 AM ✞Michael Hubiack (9 months) – Mr. & Mrs. Donald
Winsock Saturday, Nov. 24
4:00 PM ✞Dorothy Pstrak Wujcik – Leonard Wujcik

Sunday, Nov. 25
8:30 AM God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners

Our best wishes to all for a Happy Thanksgiving. We have many things to to thankful for and may God continue to provide us with the same.
If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you,
it will be enough.
Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our Thanksgiving.

Gods Days
There are two days in the week upon which and about which I never worry — two carefree days kept sacredly free from fear and apprehension. One of these days is Yesterday. Yesterday, with its cares and frets and pains and aches, all its faults, its mistakes and blunders, has passed forever beyond my recall. It was mine; it is God’s.
The other day that I do not worry about is Tomorrow. Tomorrow, with all its possible adversities, its burdens, its perils, its large promise and performance, its failures and mistakes, is as far beyond my mastery as its dead sister, Yesterday. Tomorrow is God’s day; it will be mine.
There is left, then, for myself but one day in the week – Today. Any man can fight the battles of today. Any woman can carry the burdens of just one day; any man can resist the temptation of today. It is only when we willfully add the burdens of these two awful eternities – Yesterday and Tomorrow – such burdens as only the Mighty God can sustain – that we break down.
It isn’t the experience of Today that drives men mad.
It is the remorse of what happened Yesterday
and fear of what Tomorrow might bring.
These are God’s Days … Leave them to Him.

The Presentation of the Most Holy Mother of God in the Temple
November 21
We learn that the parents of the
Blessed Virgin Mary, SS. Joachim and Anna,
being childless, had made a promise that,
if they were blessed with a child,
they would offer that child up to the
service of the Lord in the temple in Jerusalem.
The Lord God heard their prayers and
blessed them with a daughter.
When the little one was three years old,
her parents brought her to the temple and
placed her under the care of the high priest Zachary,
the father of St. John the Baptist. Here the Most Holy Mother of God spent many years until, as a mature maiden, she was betrothed to St. Joseph.
What does the feast of the Entrance convey to us? What spiritual lesson does it offer us? First of all, it speaks to us of the joyful sacrifice of Joachim and Anna. They themselves bring their daughter to the Temple and offer her to the service of God. But not only do the parents joyfully bring their child to offer her to the service of God; Mary also gladly obeys the voice of God and of her parents. Like Joachim and Anna, Mary too is a very beautiful example for us of joyful sacrifice and service to God.
A sign of deep piety of a nation is not only its magnificent and numerous churches and monasteries but, above all, its numerous vocations – its priests, missionaries and nuns. The most beautiful churches and gilded altars will be of no help to us if we do not have priests to offer the Unbloody Sacrifice, administer the Holy Sacraments, and preach the word of God in those churches. The Servant of God Metropolitan Andrew Sheptytsky says: “You must understand that the nation also needs zealous and holy priests to bring salvation.” The lack of religious vocations among a people must lead to a gradual dying of the Church and of the spiritual life of its faithful, for the religious state is the heart and soul of the Church.
To a very great degree, the future of our Church and nation depends upon how our Ukrainian parents educate their children. We need parents who, following the example of SS Joachim and Anna, would gladly offer their children as a “burnt” offering to God, their Church and their nation. We need youth with ideals, who like the model of the Most Pure Virgin Mary, would gladly follow the voice of God and dedicate themselves to the service of God, the Church and the nation. Only then will we be able to look forward to a brighter and happier future for our Church and our nation.

ASK FATHER A QUESTION? Why can’t girls/women be altar servers or ministers? 
It is because this is God’s will that men serve their women, who already have the more difficult vocation in this life, bearing children & growing the church.  As a consequence of Adam’s sin, he, all men, must serve their women, hence, men are ordained(to receive an office), to serve the women by leading the church in prayer.  The only person permitted in the altar area is the priest who has an office(a prayer service) to serve.  If there are multiple priests in the parish, only the number of priests necessary for that service are to be at the altar, the rest are to be in the nave with the congregation.  Here is the rule of the church:  Only that man ordained serving the office, is permitted at the altar.  Women cannot be ordained and therefore cannot be at the altar.  Notice, too, that not only are women are not permitted at the altar, but also layman and the priests that don’t have an office to serve.  It is a sign of humility to God to accept one’s place in life.

SANCTUARY LIGHT: The Sanctuary Light is requested to burn the week of Nov. 17 – 24 by Geri Kolotelo in memory of her mother Anna Kolotelo.

WOMEN’S SOCIETY: The Women’s Society held their meeting, Tuesday, Nov. 12th with only 7 members attending. The Rummage sale items must be packed and the help of the women is necessary. Please, if you can give a few hours of your time to clean up the hall. The Sales netted $3,538.35. It was voted on to donate $2700 for the cost of the Patched Paving. The Christmas Party will be held on Sunday, Dec. 2 at Theo-Metro Restaurant, meeting in the parking lot at 1:00 PM and continue for 1:30 PM dinner. If you are planning to attend, please call Anna.

SYPATHY: We extend our sympathy to the family of Charles Drazba for the eternal rest of his brother Frank Drazba.



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