24 12 2018

Saturday, Nov. 23
4:00 PM ✞ Dorothy Pstrak Wujcik – Leonard Wujcik

8:30 AM God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners


Thursday, Nov. 29
9:00 AM ✞Andrew Beshada – Ann Beshada

Saturday, Dec. 1
4:00 PM ✞Donald Magill – Anna Magill

8:30 AM God’s Blessings and Good Health for all Parishioners

We can only approach the holy altar and receive our Lord in Holy Communion if our
our soul is not in a state of mortal sin.  Otherwise, we must first go to Confession, where we confess all our sins to the priest and receive absolution from him.
In the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, the proper way to receive Holy Communion is as follows: make the sign of the cross and a small bow as you approach the priest reverently.  When you are in front to the priest, simply tilt your head back and open your mouth wide (do not stick out your tongue).  The priest will place the Most Precious Body and Blood in your mouth using the communion spoon.  You should hold the linen under your chin if there are no Alter servers to do it for you.  Do not close your mouth on the spoon until the priest has removed the spoon from your mouth.  There is no response because the priest says the whole prayer.  Each communicant receives the sacred species in the form of bread and wine and the priest says: ”The servant of God (Name) partakes of the most precious and all holy and most pure Body and Blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins and for life everlasting. Amen.”  As you leave, make the sign of the cross again with a small bow and return to your pew.  Say a prayer of thanksgiving to Jesus for coming into your soul in the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.

Feast of St. Nicholas, December 6th
St. Nicholas followed the words of our Lord, to “lay up treasure for yourself in Heaven,” by praying every day, by fasting, and by performing good deeds. God was so pleased that he worked many miracles through Nicholas. People began to call him a “wonderworker”. They were so inspired by his life of service to others that many of them, too, began to lead holy lives, filled with good deeds.
As a faithful bishop (shepherd), St. Nicholas was revered as a saint even before his death because of his great holiness and tender care of his flock. After the Blessed Mother and St. John the Forerunner (Baptist), Nicholas was the most revered saint in the early church. He is most honored in the East, especially among Ukrainians and other Eastern Europeans. Throughout the world many churches are named for him—more than for any other saint. His ministry continues to this day as a powerful intercessor for the protection and advancement of the Church.
In the weekly liturgical cycle of the Church, Thursday is dedicated to the Holy Apostles and to Saint Nicholas, who stands as a model for all the great hierarchs, the successors to the Apostles and teachers of the Church. To be given a place in the weekly cycle indicates the great veneration the Church accords him.

ASK FATHER A QUESTION? Father, if I go to communion- how long before communion should I fast?  One hour before church?  One hour before communion?
When it comes time in preparation for encountering Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist, from the time of the Apostles, the tradition had been to eat and drink nothing, even water, from dinner time (sundown) until we present ourselves for Holy Eucharist.  Now the bishops of the church, over time, “relaxed” the requirement of what should be done as a minimum in preparing for receipt of Holy Eucharist (Holy Communion).  First was to reduce the time from going to sleep until receiving Eucharist.  Then later, for at least 3 hours before the Diving Liturgy begins and then the latest, in the 1960’s, was a reduction to 1 hour before the Divine Liturgy begins.  These times of 3 and 1 hour were done when the church had grown so large that everyone could not attend a single Divine Liturgy early in the morning and liturgies were added so that some did not receive Eucharist until well after mid-day.  Today the bishops permit the minimum of 1 hour.  Notice; this is 1 hour before the liturgy begins not 1 hour before the time at which the Eucharist is distributed.    Also, of importance is to understand that these prescriptions are for people of good health and are able to actually follow these prescriptions.   For the very young, aged and infirm this rule is relaxed.  The Church understands the need for worldly food and Spiritual Food, to nourish the body and the soul, and as the child is too young to grasp the understanding of how fasting is a spiritual growth, of being in control of one’s appetites, it is acceptable for them to be permitted to eat.  For the aged and infirm the rule is relaxed for material needs.  When a person thinks about this issue like that of an athlete training for competition, fasting is then understood to be like training the muscles to succeed in the athletic event.  Fasting, being in control of one’s own appetite, is training the self to be in self-control of decision by free will.  This is spiritual training to succeed in virtue over sin when a temptation presents itself.  If a person never trains then that person is setting themselves up for failure.  Failure to plan is planning to fail.
How to receive Holy Communion in an Eastern Catholic Church?
If you are Catholic, have maintained the one hour fast before Holy Communion and are in a state of grace (free of conscious mortal sin), you may receive Holy Communion, the saving Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, just as you normally would. The faithful are called to “Approach with the fear of God and with Faith.”
As Catholics, we believe that the highest form of prayer is the celebration of the Divine Liturgy and that the most sacred part of the Liturgy is the Consecration where bread and wine are changed into the Most Precious Body and Blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.

SANCTUARY LIGHT: The Sanctuary Light is requested to burn the week of Nov. 23 – 30 by Charles Drazb in memory of Marie Drazba.

BIRTHDAY WISHES: We sincerely wish Helen Youells a very Happy, healthy 99th birthday. Helen will celebrate her birthday on Thursday, November 29th. God’s blessing for many more good and healthy years. mynohya lita!

Cleaning the church: The men and women of the parish will be cleaning the church for the Coming Season. Anyone and everyone is welcome to lend a hand to make the church shine. Please, those who can come and help, come on Thursday, December the 6 at 10:00 AM. Your help is needed. Your reward will be in heaven.

The Women’s Society will celebrate their Christmas Party at Theo-Metro in Kingston, PA. Those who will be attending, Please meet at the Church parking Lot at 1:00 PM on Sunday, December 2nd.



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