18 06 2019

Saturday, June 15
4:00 PM All Living and Deceased Fathers of the Parish

Sunday, June 16
10:30 AM Divine Liturgy at Transfiguration of Our Lord,
Nanticoke, PA

4:00 PM Leonard Wujcik – Son Leonard Wujcik

Sunday, June 23 Divine Liturgy at Transfiguration of Our Lord, Nanticoke

If you have an emergency and need a priest please call Father Roman Petryshak at 570-855-5141

A note of thanks was received as follows: The Wyoming Valley Chapter of Pennsylvanians for Human Life wants to express their heartfelt gratitude to everyone who participated in the annual carnation drive to support the Pro-Life Center in Wilkes-Barre. The drive was successful and mothers and babies will benefit from your generosity. Many thanks!

Do not be discouraged if it seems that there is no response to your prayers at this time. God always responds. Lord, Your wisdom always responds to my needs with unceasing peace and love and when I listen and give thanks I am blessed with results that bring goodness to me in better ways than I expect.


The Sunday after Pentecost Sunday is called the Feast Day of All Saints. Every day we remember at least one Saint, as found on the Church Calendar, some famous, great, and some not so famous. In the eyes of God all Saints are famous and great, some we know better and have become more popular than others. For example, many men and women struggled during the American Revolution, but we are aware of only the most famous and popular, like George Washington, the same is true for the roll call of Saints in the Church.
Each man, woman and child in the great history of the Church who witnessed for Christ is regarded a Saint by the Church. Since we have no way of knowing all of them, and since the list of Saints has increased many times over, and continues to do so, our Church sets aside the Sunday after Pentecost as the Feast Day for All Saints.
We are obliged, not only to venerate the saints and to seek the assistance of the saints, but also to imitate their life and holiness. All Christians are called to holiness by virtue of the sacrament of Baptism. Every person, regardless of status and condition of life, can become a Saint and is duty-bound to people without exception when He said: “Therefore, be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.” St. Paul also reminds us of our duty to pursue holiness: “This is the will of God – your sanctification.”
What is holiness? Holiness is living according to the commandments of God and the Church. It is the daily fulfillment of God’s will, constant fidelity to the duties of one’s state, or more briefly – holiness is the Gospel translated into action, i.e. living for the end.
All the saints are very close to us for they, like us, were once citizens of our earth and are of our own flesh and bone. They are members of the same Church as we are, although they belong to the Church Triumphant while we still struggle as members of the Church on earth, the Church Militant, because we continue to battle the Evil One. They are not indifferent to our welfare and salvation. Hence, there exists no doubt that they readily listen to all our petitions and prayers and gladly present them before the throne of God.
The saints in heaven, then, are God’s beloved and intimate friends; and our protectors, intercessors and benefactors; our guides and models on the path to virtue and sanctity. May we become as they are.

SANCTUARY LIGHT: The Sanctuary light is requested to burn this week June 15 – 22 by Rosemarie Kachinko in memory of Ronald Kachinko.

CEMETERY CARE: Thank you to Joan Baurys for her donation of $100 to the Cemetery Care fund. We appreciate the generous gifts to this fund. God Bless you!

LOTTERY TICKETS: Mike Sinko gave his report of a profit of $3150 from the May Lottery ticket sales. The proceeds will go toward the repairs of the parking lot which is much need of repair. Thank you Mike and Dolores for manning this project and to all who purchased and sold tickets.

WOMEN’S SOCIETY: The parish Women’s Society enjoyed the final meeting until September with a dinner at Costello’s Restaurant in Edwardsville, PA. The next meeting will be Sept. 10th. The annual Rummage sale will be held October 11 & 12th at the church hall. New members, please join this organization from your parish.

CEMETERY SERVICE: A disappointing group of only 6 parishioners attended the services last Sunday at the Cemetery. This is open to all people and if the service was not held, some people would complain. You have the opportunity to pray for your loved ones buried in the cemetery. Father Walter with the cantering of David Youells visited each of the graves that day, so thanks should be given to him for this gesture.



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